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Episode 515 - Forspoken? I Hardly Knowken!

While Rob’s spending time with family, we’re sneaking in a fun announcement: Save Point is back next week, baby! But first, we discussed the Mario trailer, and Cado did an incredible thing: went to an event to play a video game! Unfortunately, so far, Forspoken left a lot to be desired. Elsewhere, Patrick has wrapped up (and loved) Return to Monkey Island. After the break, Ren’s vibing to Season, a game where you document the final moments of a doomed world, and both Ren and Cado basically lost a weekend inside a dice hole to Slice and Dice.

Discussed: Mario Movie Trailer 5:07, Save Point 2022 14:27, Crisis Core Remaster 17:45, Forspoken 27:18, Return to Monkey Island 47:06, Season 51:23, Slice and Dice 1:01:42, The Question Bucket 1:14:37

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