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Episode 514 - *DJ Khaled Voice* Overwatch This!

Overwatch 2 is out, and launch day woes aside, Blizzard somehow ended up with headlines suggesting they hate poor people. Elsewhere, Patrick, Cado, and Ren all played demos from the Steam Next Fest and talked about their favorites, and after the break, Cado laments the booster pack economy of Moonbreaker, a tactical miniatures game from the Subnautica devs. A dip into the Question Bucket gets us to consider the existential dread of IKEA.

Discussed: Overwatch 2 Launch Day 5:19, CD Project Red Announces Witcher Sequels 23:07, Our Favorite Steam Next Fest Demos 34:25, Moonbreaker 1:01:00, The Question Bucket 1:19:10

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