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Episode 512 - Stadia Found Dead in Miami

The Waypoint Radio crew discusses the death of Stadia, yet another Google product killed unceremoniously. Patrick’s definitely not getting into legal trouble by talking about a Sonos speaker on pod. Ren’s been slowly influencing the world economy in Terra Invicta, a sci-fi strategy game that has you lead one of several shadowy international organizations on the eve of an alien invasion. Cado’s going medieval in Inkulinati, the tactical strategy game that has you battling as the various creatures in the margins of a medical illuminated manuscript. Then a quick dip in the question bucket has the crew discussing the worst game they played all the way through.

Discussed: Stadia is Dead 1:39, Sonos Update 19:41, System Shock 28:41, Terra Invicta 33:29, Rollerdrome 55:06, Inkulinati 1:02:23, The Question Bucket 1:21:39

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