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Episode 511 - Return to E3: Keighly’s Curse

E3 has announced its plans for next year’s show and the Waypoint crew is wondering if it’s still worth it for big developers to attend the show. Rob’s back at it again in Isanzo, the latest historically based FPS to catch his attention. Ren’s checking out Roadwarden, which blends modern TTRPG sensibilities with good, unadorned writing and terrific art. Patrick’s returning to times long past in Return to Monkey Island, which has surprised him in more ways than one. Then of course, the question bucket will somehow end up with us talking about rewatching Steven Spielberg’s 2001 sci-fi movie A.I. 

Discussed: E3 is Back? 1:18, Update on the GTA VI Leak 16:55, Isanzo 19:40, Roadwarden 44:07, Return to Monkey Island 58:04, Last of Us trailer 1:16:10, The Question Bucket 1:23:46

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