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Episode 509 - You Can Always Buy Darth Vader, It’s Morally Correct

Grand Theft Auto VI footage has leaked, and Rob, Patrick, and Cado discuss how leaks impact development and employee mental health. In another surprise, the crew (especially Rob) are very into Fortnite. After the break, Rob and Patrick had an uneven experience with Square Enix’s tactics game The DioField Chronicle, and Cado’s delighted by Unexplored 2 playing with familiar roguelike mechanics in new ways. In the Question Bucket, we discuss franchises that should get a haunted house, and of course, the answer is 1942’s Cat People.

Discussed: GTA VI leak 4:46, Fortnite 33:30, Diofield 48:29, Steelrising 1:15:48, Unexplored 2 1:16:46, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 1:28:54, The Question Bucket 1:34:26, Outro and Announcements 2:19:52

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