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Episode 500 - The King of Executive Function Loves EVO

Episode 500 is here with a surprise: Waypoint+ now offers ad-free versions of the podcast! Then, Ren talks through an exciting EVO 2022, and how Bridget in Guilty Gear Strive mirrors a shift in the broader fighting game community. After the break, Patrick checks in with Cult of the Lamb, a charming roguelike with surprising sim elements, such as getting to brainwash people! For evil! Then, Rob tries to explain the madness of canceling a Planet Fitness subscription, while totally justifying some additional racing wheel accessory purchases.

Discussed: Intro and special Announcement 0:19, EVO 2022 8:03, Bridget Comes to Guilty Gear Strive 31:20, Cult of the Lamb 47:45, Alone in the Dark (2008) 1:00:16, Rob Time 1:14:38, Question Bucket 1:36:07

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