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Episode 478 - Kirsten Dunst Must Pay

There comes a time when even the most laid-back people will find something that irks them to no end, and Patrick has found that thing this week. Are your monitors level? Are they the right distance apart? Are they perfectly aligned? Probably not, but hopefully it won't be too distracting. Thankfully the news that Sega is pulling old Sonic games in order to re-release them distracted Patrick long enough for us to launch into a conversation about emulation and "stealing." After the break, Ren reports in from the Overwatch 2 Beta currently underway, and finds the changes from 1 deeply underwhelming. Rob's checking out Dune: Spiceworld and enjoying the sowing part more than the reaping. Cado's finding zen in the art of card stacking with Stacklands, a card based rogue-like village builder with chill beats to make small piles of cards to. Then the crew dives into the question bucket to help Ren out with that whole Halo gun situation.

Discussed: Patrick's Monitor Woes 1:12, Emulation and Piracy 28:54, Overwatch 2 53:27. Dune: Spiceworlds 1:37:28, Stacklands 1:43:57, Question Bucket 1:52:27, Outro and Announcements.

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