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Episode 460 - Welcome Renata!

Our brand new gen-z correspondent Renata Price is on the show today to tell us that gamers age 15-25 did Not like the Nintendo Direct. However, us 30 somethings were hootin' and hollerin' about the various remakes and something called "mouthful mode." Patrick and Cado have both checked in on new MMO du jour Lost Ark, a South Korean produced MMO that's been making waves in its home country for a few years now. After the break, Rob takes us on a journey through his medieval monarch machinations as he checks out the new Crusader Kings III Expansion: The Royal Court. Then we answer some questions and really get deep into the ergonomics of bath sitting.

Discussed: The Nintendo Direct 0:48, Lost Ark 29:13, Vampire Survivors 40:26, Crusader Kings III 50:11, Outro and Announcements 1:29:50

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