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Episode 450 - The GOTY of GOTY Categories

GOTY Season. The time when many games media people really reflect on the year that was, and the game that they played through it. But what if instead of a list of just our favorites we talked about the ones we stuck with too long, the ones that we wished we played more, or the ones that caused the most discourse? This year, we asked you, our listeners, to submit your GOTY categories, and we sat down with 20 of the best to take a look back at 2021 from a slightly different point of view.

Discussed: Art of Rally 17:26, F1 2021 25:25, Suzerain 31:48, Hell Let Loose 35:00, Loop Hero 36:38, Mundaun 39:35, The GOTY GOTYs 46:19

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