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Episode 449 - Tarzan's Sting

Rob, Patrick, and Cado gather today to record their final podcast of 2021, so of course the first thing they talk about is COVID. After sharing stories about their booster shot symptoms and discussing the way this pandemic just keeps happening, they turn their gaze to The Game Awards. Having already lambasted Geoff's weak response to the culture of abuse at Activision-Blizzard on a previous podcast (that will release sometime in the next two weeks), they take a look at some of the game trailers that have them the most excited, anxious, and confused about the games we might play in 2022. After the break, Patrick has been playing Moncage, a puzzle game that's all about perspective, and Cado has been dropping in a whole new way with Babble Royale, the surprise Scrabble-meets-Battle-Royale that dropped for free this week.

Discussed: COVID 2:10, The Keighlies 17:49, A Bit Keighley More 58:51, Moncage 1:06:21, Babble Royale 1:12:14, Solar Ash 1:22:21

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