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Episode 518- Oh No We've (Marvel) Snapped!

It’s the Pod before Halloween and we’re getting SPOOKY! Gasp in horror at Patrick and Cado playing Marvel Snap, the new card game from some ex-Hearthstone devs. Scream at the thought of The Witcher’s Sex Cards being included in the remake that was just announced. Then shiver down to your bones as we talk about a litany of spooky games including Signalis, Scorn, and Vampire the Masquerade: Swan Song!

Discussed: Marvel Snap 1:08, The Witcher 1 Remake 22:08, Rocksteady Games Co-Founders Suddenly Leave 37:38, Signalis 43:50, Scorn 56:55. Vampire the Masquerade: Swan Song 1:02:45, Potionomics 1:24:07, The Question Bucket 1:38:14

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