The Pet Pod

  • 7. Itching, scratching and skin conditions

    Zara chats to Dr Danielle Hoolahan, a specialist in veterinary dermatology, about how to identify when regular itching or scratching might become something more problematic for your dog or cat. Plus, how to identify potential food allergies and ways to manage your pet's skin condition.Useful resources (with acknowledged credit to Zoetis)Start from Scratch History Questionnaire History Questionnaire PVAS chart:
  • 6. The YuMOVE Story with John Howie

    Zara chats to John Howie, one of the original founders of YuMOVE, about the history and principles of the brand. They also discuss the science behind YuMOVE products and the company's ongoing commitment to sustainability.For more information visit
  • 5. Pet Travel to Europe from 1st Jan 2021

    Zara talks to the UK Chief Veterinary Officer, Professor Christine Middlemiss, about the new rules for travelling with your pets to and from the EU and Northern Ireland from the 1st January 2021.This episode is supported by YuMOVE.Useful links:Preparing for travel to the EU or Northern Ireland into the UK advice on Covid 19 for people with pets
  • 4. Adopting a Cat

    Zara chats to Nicky Trevorrow, who is Behaviour Manager for Cats Protection. They discuss the process of adopting a cat from the charity and also behaviour and welfare issues including microchipping, obesity and tips on training your cat and why it can be helpful. This episode is proudly supported by YuMOVE.Cats Protection Resources'Hands Free Homing' process’s Christmas'Purrfect Landlords' campaign socialisation information and free sounds download to play with your cat to make feeding time fun Behaviour guides series including litter trays check list
  • 3. Adopting A Dog

    Thinking about getting a rescue dog? Zara is joined by Adam Levy, from the UK charity Dogs Trust, to discuss how adoption can be life changing for both dog and owner, and everything you should consider in order to make it successful. Listen out for the especially heart warming story of Joker.To find out more about Dogs Trust visit
  • 2. Pet Food and Nutrition

    Zara takes the hot seat in this episode to talk about pet food and how it can vary according to our pet’s life stage and lifestyle. Much like we know with own health, we are what we eat, and it’s the same for our pets. Their diet plays a major role in keeping them healthy, active and well-nourished and can affect everything from brain development and bone health to the shine of their coat. Find out when your pet might need to change to a life style diet, how to introduce new foods and tips on reading the labels on pet food.This episode is supported by YuMOVE.
  • 1. Noise Phobias - helping your pet cope with thunderstorms, fireworks and loud bangs

    Fireworks, thunderstorms and other unexpected loud noises can cause fear and distress in our pets. Zara is joined by animal behaviourist, Karin Pienaar, who offers advice on how to help our cats and dogs cope during such events and also how we can implement longer term strategies to reduce or eliminate noise phobia.You can find out more about Karin's work and animal behaviour education at https://coape.orgThis episode is proudly supported by YuMOVE.For a 30% discount for new customers simply visit and enter the code PETPOD30 at the checkout.Plus, you can also be in with a chance to win a year’s supply of YuMOVE for your dog, cat or horse. Enter the draw at  The winner will be drawn at random and announced on 13th January. Good luck! 
  • The Pet Pod. Series 2...coming soon!

    The Pet Pod is the podcast for anyone who owns, spends time with or is thinking about getting an animal companion. Look out for Series 2 coming in November. Proudly supported by YuMOVE.
  • Pet Physiotherapy

    Zara chats to Hannah Oliver-Byrne, Chair of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy, about the types of physiotherapy most frequently used on our cats, dogs and horses and the benefits they can bring.