Venture The World


E6: Iyin Aboyeji - From Building Y-Combinator's Most Valuable African Startup to Pioneering "Rolling" VC Funds In Africa

Season 1, Ep. 6

On this 6th Episode of Venture The World we have Iyin Aboyeji or as some people call him "E". He's one of the top founders throughout Africa, having co-founded two companies, Flutterwave & Andela now valued over $100M a piece! We begin our conversation in the halls of University of Waterloo, where Iyin started and he details how he identifies co-founders, pitches top Silicon Valley investors, and is now building the next big thing with Future Africa Fund, investing in Africa, it's game, changing companies building the better future for the world. If you are looking for a breakdown of what a "Rolling" Fund is or want to learn the nuts and bolts of raising capital or tap into the business lessons Iyin has to offer - you are in luck because this episode was made for you.

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