Venture The World


E7: Barbara Iyayi - Queen & Pioneer Member Of Africa’s First SPAC Now Leads Unicorn Growth Capital

Season 1, Ep. 7

Today’s guest on Venture The World, episode 7 is really an understated legend in the making, Barbara Iyayi. She started her career as an investment banker at JP Morgan in NYC to being founding member of Atlas Mara, a London Stock Exchange listed Special Purpose Acquisition Company structuring a landmark portfolio of banking companies across Africa to leading growth at one of Canada’s few unicorns at Element to launching Unicorn Growth Capital.

Barbara shares the vision she's been drawn to in her career. The ones founders must have before she invests and how she's building on her own vision in the FinTech focus fund Unicorn Growth Capital. If you've ever wanted to learn about specs or how to transition from investment banking to venture building, or to understand Africa's market for growth capital this episode is for you. 

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