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(Best of) Leveling up with UX Strategy

Season 3, Ep. 52

Level up with UX Strategy

In this episode of UX Cake Podcast, we discuss how you can create a UX strategy for better outcomes for your users, and the products or services you help create.

There are many different perceptions about what UX Strategy actually is. My guest Jaime Levy - who wrote the book "UX Strategy" - defines as the intersection between business strategy and UX design, with a key component being early and continuous validation of the value proposition with customers. It’s a high-level plan of how your product or feature is going to achieve the business goals.

Jaime Levy is a UX/product strategist, author, and public speaker based in Los Angeles and Berlin. Her passion is to help business leaders and internal teams transform their product visions into innovative digital solutions that customers want. Jaime also offers public/private workshops, and online masterclasses, and speaks at design and innovation conferences worldwide. Her best-selling O’Reilly Media book is called UX Strategy: Product Strategy Techniques for Devising Innovative Digital Solutions. The book presents a solid framework for the practice, which lies at the intersection of UX design and business strategy.


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UX Strategy: How to Devise Innovative Digital Products that People Want


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