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Building Design Teams That Scale with Anjali Deswandikar

Ep. 55

A business can only grow as much as its people. That is why it is important to build teams with the knowledge that each of them is a key member who will eventually become a senior as you grow. In this episode, Leigh Allen-Arredondo interviews Anjali Deswandikar, the Design Director at Terralogic, Inc. and Design Team Lead at Lollypop Design, about building design teams that scale. Anjali talks about the process it took to build her teams across the globe, seeing as they grew from a handful to over 250. She takes us through the structures in place as well as how she ensures that teams are both values-driven and function with high performance. As design leaders, you don't have to bear all the weight alone. You have your team with you who can help, so build them well through this conversation.

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Designing For Accessibility With Chimmy Kalu

Season 3, Ep. 54
Accessibility needs to be the gold standard for everything. If you have the power to make things more accessible and inclusive, strive for that. You are actually leaving money on the table if you don't design with accessibility in mind. There are billions of persons with disabilities, and companies need to consult them. If you're a small company, then it's okay to start small. Start with what you can control and change first. Join Leigh Allen-Arredondo as she talks to product designer Chimmy Kalu about the importance of designing with accessibility. Chimmy is the Chief Design Officer of Lovable Studio. She also does workshops and talks about product design. Learn Chimmy's process when designing something that's accessible. Discover how you can spread accessibility. If everyone does a little bit, then everyone collectively becomes more accessible.Related: Listen to UX Cake Episode #25 with Liz Jackson, "Changing the Design Narrative"LINKSChimmy's WebsiteFollow Chimmy on TwitterFollow Chimmy on LinkedInChimmy's Design Courses & Workshops:Sketch EssentialsHow to design anythingAdvanced Figma********If you enjoy this podcast, there are some really simple ways you can help us: follow us on twitter - like and reshare our postssubscribe to the newsletter for updates and bonus contentshare this episode, or any of our episodes, with a friend. rate & review us on Apple Podcast or your favorite podcast playerConnect with UX Cake!UX Cake Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Linked In | YouTube