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Being in UX at a Startup

Season 1, Ep. 22

I recently joined a start-up called Spruce Up so topics related to startups have been top-of-mind for me. In this episode of UX Cake, I am joined by Phillip Hunter of Pulse Labs and Cassie Wallender of Invio, Inc. We really enjoyed recording live in Seattle and had a candid conversation about the challenges and benefits of being in UX at a start-up and shared the techniques we have found effective while working in this type of start-up environment. 

Phillip Hunter is VP of Products at Pulse Labs in Seattle, WA, and has designed and created strategy for voice-based products and services for hundreds of customer service systems, and has led, managed, inspired, trained, and mentored hundreds of UX and product management professionals. 

Cassie Wallender is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Invio, Inc in Seattle. Cassie is an effective senior contributor and team manager in both product and design for several successful startups (iLike, acquired by Myspace for over $20m in 2009, and Appature, acquired by IMS Health for over $100m in 2013). 

Show Highlights:

  • Challenges of working at a UX start-up including often being the only designer, you often don’t have customers or users yet, and if you do have customers, you may have a very limited budget/resources.
  • No one hands you a charter stating the problems, objectives, and how to solve them. Everything is ambiguous, and you have to be a part of the discovery/inquiry/problem-solving processes.
  • Everything is on the line while working at a UX and pressure can build. The investors, founders, and employees are all counting on you. 
  • Despite all the challenges, we do it because of the special rewards and potential, and opportunities to be part of something new, and important.
  • Techniques we use to address the challenges of startups.
  • Leigh, Phillip, and Cassie tell their very different stories of how they got into startups.
  • Check out Angel Lists or Techstars to find start-up job opportunities.


Spruce Up

Pulse Labs

Invio, Inc.

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This episode is all about creating meaning from data, and making it easy for your audience to understand by making it visual. We can apply the same principles we use to design dashboards to presentations - whether you’re communicating design concepts (and the data-driven decisions behind your design) or user research findings. I had such a great time talking with my guest Thomas Watkins about how to show meaning using data, I know the term ‘data visualization’ sounds a little overwhelming to some people in UX, if you aren’t designing dashboards. But it doesn’t need to be.I think we did a pretty good job of making data visualization accessible for any level of data interest in the episode.Everyone in UX should be using data - whether you’re in design or research or PM or developer or marketing - and using data in a visual way to communicate important information to the person reading it. If you create presentations, for your design or for your research, if you have any opportunity to use data to explain your design or research recommendations… this episode has great information for you. Whether you are data-curious or data-shy or you lean in the data geek direction like me. I learned some great guidelines about making data visual in more effective ways, and I’ll bet you will too, even if your eyes glaze over at terms like “magnitude comparison” or “scatter plot.” I love how Thomas talks about explaining the context of the numbers, and not just ‘decorating’ numbers with meaningless donut graphs, one of my pet peeves!Thomas Watkins is the founder of 3 Leaf consulting, a design collective that combines psychology and design principles to create usable products and services. Thomas is a thought leader, speaker and industry practitioner in Houston TX. The scope of his work has included interface design for mobile, SaaS system architecture, usability research, and data visualization.LINKShttps://www.3leaf.consulting/https://www.instagram.com/3leafmethodhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/watkinsthomas/Show Link - Graph Selection Matrixhttps://www.perceptualedge.com/articles/misc/Graph_Selection_Matrix.pdfIf you enjoy this podcast, there are some really simple ways you can help us:follow us on twitteror on Linked In -like and reshare our postssubscribe to the newsletterfor updates and bonus contentshare this episode, or any of our episodes, with a friend.rate & review us on Apple Podcast or iTunes on desktop!ListenApple|Spotify|Google|Website

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