Part III: Fibers of Pactics Capsule

Season 3, Ep. 3

Fibers of Pactics is a 4-part capsule series, produced by Population, in which employees and management at Pactics, a unique manufacturer in Siem Reap, share their invaluable perspectives on the manufacturing industry in Cambodia. 

Previous parts of this series have touched on some of the benefits of working at Pactics. In Part III of Fibers of Pactics, Kelsey Tsuchiyama and Dorian van der Mullen expand on this with Lay Sreyem, Pactics’ Group Treasurer, and Thim Chanreaksmey, Pactics’ Compliance Officer. Both Sreyem and Reaksmey have experienced the highs and lows with Pactics and explain why they have stayed for nearly 10 years. 

Stay tuned for the final episode of Fibers of Pactics to be released next week!

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