cover art for S5 Ep.5: The Profiler's Dilemma


S5 Ep.5: The Profiler's Dilemma

Season 5, Ep. 5

One-and-done killers have exposed massive shortcomings in the world of profiling. What makes these offenders so impossible to pin down, and what is the future of profiling in light of these previously overlooked murderers?   

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  • 21. LISK Ep.21: Should Shannan Gilbert's Case Be Re-Examined?

    This is the call Suffolk County police didn’t want you to hear. What do we know about the night Shannan Gilbert went missing?  Allegations of drugs, money, sex, all adding up to one big mystery.  Death by misadventure or something much more sinister?
  • 20. LISK Ep.20: Two Additional Murder Charges for Rex Heuermann

    In a shocking twist, the accused Long Island Serial Killer, Rex Heuermann, has been charged with the murders of 2 more victims, blowing this case wide open. Different MOs, different locations and a now expanded alleged timeline from 1993-2010.
  • 19. LISK Ep.19: Heuermann’s Defense Attorney Sets His Eyes on James Burke

    A recent court appearance revealed some of the Heuermann defense strategy and it involves none other that James Burke.  We learned about the 422 devices taken into evidence but the prosecutors and talk to Dr. Joni Johnston about why an alleged serial killer could possibly be holding on to so much incriminating evidence. And then there is the mysterious search in the Manorville woods... 
  • Introducing: The Official Jinx Podcast

    If you like Unraveled, you may also enjoy The Official Jinx podcast from HBO. Listen to episode 1 here. The Official Jinx Podcast takes listeners behind the scenes of the HBO documentary series directed by Andrew Jarecki that became a real-life murder investigation. The show revisits all six episodes of Part One and will serve as a companion piece to The Jinx: Part Two as it airs on Max, beginning April 21. Hosted by Jarecki’s Jinx filmmaking partner, Executive Producer Zac Stuart-Pontier, the show guides listeners through never-before-aired conversations with Robert Durst and other key players in the series, with many new surprises and revelations along the way. 
  • 18. LISK Ep.18: Heuermann’s Wife Causes a Stir & LISK Suspect Demands a Retrial

    Asa Ellerup, wife of Rex Heuermann, makes a statement that has everyone talking. Convicted serial killer, John Bittrolff, a previous LISK suspect, demands a retrial and we investigate why the clue that turned law enforcement onto Rex Heuermann went missing for so long.
  • 17. LISK Ep.17: A Possible Connection Between James Burke and Rex Heuermann

    A seedy strip club, a crack pipe, Burke & Heuermann allegedly traveling in the same circles; witnesses come forward and tell all. John Ray’s symposium caused quite a stir and we dive into all the latest revelations.
  • 16. LISK Ep.16: New Indictment Reveals Unexpected Evidence Against Rex Heuermann

    The Suffolk County District Attorney finally filed the long anticipated charges against Rex Heuermann for the murder of Maureen Brainerd Barnes. But the evidence revealed in the bail document and the guests that showed up to court were anything but expected. What do these new allegations reveal, and what does it mean for the Heuermanns?  
  • 15. LISK Ep. 15: Rex Heuermann’s Letter From Jail & the Twisted World of Murder-Abilia

    Rex Heuermann is corresponding with the Happy Face Killer and his wife signed a million dollar media deal.  How is this possible?  What happened to the Son of Sam laws?  And how disturbing does this world of profiting off notorious crimes get? 
  • 14. LISK Ep.14: Rex’s Wife Makes Big Moves & Is There One Killer or Two?

    Asa Ellerup, Rex Heuermann’s wife, makes some surprising moves.  What does it say about her and the inner workings of the Heuermann family? And we dive into the evidence found along Ocean Parkway.  Does it support a One or Two killer theory?  Could Rex Heuermann be responsible for all 10 sets of remains?