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  • 25. LISK Ep. 25: One Year Since Rex Heuermann's Arrest and Everything's Changed

    As we mark one year since Rex Heuermann became the face of the Long Island Serial Killer, thanks to the Suffolk County DA charging him with 6 murders, we look back and put into context what we’ve learned. We get an inside look into what it takes to run a multi-agency taskforce and prosecute a prolific serial killer on a cold case. Then, we chat with Josh Zeman about what’s next. If you thought the arrest was significant, one year later we are so much further of where anyone could have predicted the case to be. 

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  • 24. LISK Ep.24: The Cold Cases That Might Be Connected to LISK

    Heuermann stands charged with the murders known as the Gilgo Four, but the refined MO associated with those killings leads many to believe they could not have been the killer’s first. We take a deep dive into some of the other unsolved cases in and around Long Island that sparked renewed interest in light of Heuermann’s arrest.
  • 23. LISK Ep.23: The Two Outlier Cases

    Asian Doe and Andre Isaac, also known as Sugar Bear, are the two biological male victims associated with the Long Island Serial Killer. What do these two outlier cases tell us about the killer or killers, the investigation and the role the media played in the case? We deep dive into these fascinating unsolved murders, what makes them different and how they connect the dots. And ask the question, could Rex Heuermann be responsible? 
  • 22. LISK Ep.22: Rex Heuermann Caught in His Own Digital Web

    Burner phones, fake emails and aliases, Rex Heuermann allegedly weaved a careful digital web to hide his identity but investigators were smarter. We deep dive into how law enforcement unraveled his secret identities and what it says about him. Then, we hear from a woman who experienced his stalking personally. 
  • 21. LISK Ep.21: Should Shannan Gilbert's Case Be Re-Examined?

    This is the call Suffolk County police didn’t want you to hear. What do we know about the night Shannan Gilbert went missing?  Allegations of drugs, money, sex, all adding up to one big mystery.  Death by misadventure or something much more sinister?
  • 20. LISK Ep.20: Two Additional Murder Charges for Rex Heuermann

    In a shocking twist, the accused Long Island Serial Killer, Rex Heuermann, has been charged with the murders of 2 more victims, blowing this case wide open. Different MOs, different locations and a now expanded alleged timeline from 1993-2010.
  • 19. LISK Ep.19: Heuermann’s Defense Attorney Sets His Eyes on James Burke

    A recent court appearance revealed some of the Heuermann defense strategy and it involves none other that James Burke.  We learned about the 422 devices taken into evidence but the prosecutors and talk to Dr. Joni Johnston about why an alleged serial killer could possibly be holding on to so much incriminating evidence. And then there is the mysterious search in the Manorville woods...