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The Dubai Housewife Linda Andrade: How to Hustle in Dubai

Season 3, Ep. 130

Dubai-based socialite and entrepreneur Linda Andrade recently took to TikTok to reveal the downsides of living a life of wealth as the wife of millionaire Ricky Andrade, a renowned Forex and Crypto trader.

The 23-year-old Jordanian-born influencer, also known as the 'Original Dubai Housewife,' has over 529,000 followers, who tune in to learn about her glamorous life. Linda, who married Ricky at the tender age of 19, has been living a life of opulence, starkly contrasting to her earlier life in the US, where she grew up in a one-bedroom apartment with her family. In a video that garnered over 11 million views, Linda listed the 'worst things about being with a millionaire,' expressing concerns over 'always having to look 10/10', 'being bought too much stuff', and the fear of getting robbed due to her expansive collection of designer bags and luxury jewelry.

Despite living a life many fantasize about, Linda shared that 'the novelty of riches can soon wear off.' The couple's constant traveling is another cause of discontent for her, along with the fact that 'women want my man' and the struggle to drive herself anywhere. Linda's complaints, however, were met with little sympathy from social media users, with many offering to trade lives with her or questioning if she was being ungrateful.

Even so, the stunning spa owner and beauty influencer continues to use her growing social media platforms to offer an insider's view of the wealthy lifestyle and promote her husband's business ventures. From the Maldives to Hawaii and Miami, Linda's Instagram showcases her travels, luxury life, and entrepreneurial journey as the owner of a fat-freezing spa.

Despite the pushback from some viewers on TikTok, others used humor to respond to Linda's video or expressed admiration for her lifestyle, proving once more that the opulent lives of the wealthy will always be a source of fascination and controversy.

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