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Interviewing people from all walks of life to develop new insights about life, starting from the foundation. John believes that we are all connected through the Quantum Field by God, which eliminates biases when we understand the structure of life.

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  • 171. "The Wolf of Wall Street" Ex-Wife Nadine Macaluso Discusses Trauma Bonding

    As a 22-year-old, Nadine never could have understood what she was committing to when marrying Jordan Belfort, the fraudulent stockbroker infamously known as "The Wolf of Wall Street."Their eight-year marriage began as a fairytale, filled with romantic dinners, expensive gifts, and lavish parties. But once they were bonded, Jordan’s ‘mask’ began to slip, and acts of infidelity, narcissistic abuse, insatiable greed, and uncontrollable drug addiction became Nadine’s living nightmare. Nadine naively believed that their connection was real and that her love could save him, so she remained trauma-bonded until the pain of their relationship became too much to bear. It would be decades before she realized her story resembled thousands of other women’s relational experiences.At 30, Nadine packed up her kids and her curtains and left Jordan, relocating to Los Angeles, California.She began a transformative process of intensive therapy and deep self-reflection, which required facing her pain, admitting and owning her mistakes, and reconnecting with the authentic self she’d lost due to Jordan’s abuse. Through her healing, a passion for helping others was born. She returned to school at 39 to become a psychotherapist and, ten years later, graduated with a PhD in Counseling and Somatic Psychology.Dr. Nae’s private practice quickly flooded with women recounting an all-too-familiar story of abuse with a pathological partner.Her goal of helping people develop healthy relationships took on a life of its own as she realized that trauma bonds were increasingly prevalent and destroying the lives of hundreds of women. Nadine embarked on a twelve-year journey of learning about domestic violence. She combined her academic background with her experience and that of her patients, eventually leading her to become an industry expert in narcissistic abuse, trauma bonds, and complex PTSD.

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  • 176. Katia Stern | How to Empower Women

    I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, and moved to Canada when I was 17. I spent much of my 20s and 30s following the path I believed was expected of me: I received a degree in Psychology and Law, and I earned a Master’s degree in International Law. Despite the accolades, I was unfulfilled and wondered if my life had a higher purpose. I started fearing my age, feeling like my life was wasted on unimportant stuff, and it felt like time had ‘tick-taken’ away without me even noticing. Then, I was in a terrifying accident at my family’s cabin outside of Moscow. A fire almost took my life, and everything changed. I can still remember breathing in amid the suffocating smoke and wondering if I was taking my last breath. I survived the fire and was left in wonderment at how little time separated me from death. It shifted my perspective, and after years of wasting time and pursuing what others expected of me, I finally started living for myself. At 42 years old, I decided to forget everything I’d learned that was considered “proper,” instead, I began living by a new rule – the “What if?” rule. I asked myself, ‘What if there’s an answer to my questions on the other side of some crazy idea? What if there’s happiness and satisfaction?’ I taught myself to listen carefully to those risk-taking thoughts, and now I act on them. The results are always a win simply because I believe it is always better to do something, even if you fail, rather than regret not doing it. 
  • 175. Quantum Engineer Tom Paladino | What is Divine Energy or Scalar Light?

    Tom Paladino is a Christian, husband, researcher, and humanitarian who aims to bring Scalar Light healing to the world in order to improve the quantum health of humanity. He began researching Scalar Light during his undergraduate years after developing a deep admiration for Nikola Tesla, the Father of Scalar Light research and development. Starting in 1993, Tom studied research notes and operated Scalar Light instruments developed by another Scalar Light expert, Galen Hieronymus. Tom attributes much of his success today to these two brilliant Scalar Light pioneers.There are two energies in the universe: Scalar Energy and electromagnetic energy. Scalar Energy is divine energy, and the Sun, our solar system, and the stars serve as the "storehouses" for this divine light. The laws that govern Scalar Energy are distinct from the laws that govern electromagnetic energy.Tom Paladino has devoted a significant portion of his humanitarian efforts to helping Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) with outreach programs. NGOs are made up of action-based program developers and a community of like-minded people committed to making sustainable, humanitarian-oriented impacts all over the world.
  • 174. The Mysterious Life of RL Poole | Autism, 160 IQ & Alien Abduction

    RL Poole is a high-functioning autistic person with an IQ in the “Very Superior” category and is considered “Untestable” by modern intelligence measuring standards. His ability is unknown. However, his accomplishments are not.He is a Life Member of American Mensa and has authored three books. Two have become Amazon's #1 Best Sellers in three categories: Astronomy, Physics, and UFO’s. Graham Hancock has named RL as his personal Author of the Month twice. He is a world-renowned expert on the Coral Castle and megalithic structures, who has been featured on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory and by Prometheus Entertainment on the History Channel’s hit TV show, The UnXplained: with William Shatner.RL is also a 40-year veteran of the phenomenon known as alien abduction. His unique perception and insight, combined with his experiences, make him a compelling speaker, a clear leader, and a powerful advocate in the modern movement for alien disclosure. He has introduced a new era of enlightenment and understanding of the topics of extraterrestrial visitation, abductions, advanced technology, physics, and exopolitical strategy.Hearing RL Poole is like listening to the future.
  • 173. Creator Rebecca Elie | How to Make Money Doing TikTok LIVES

    Rebecca Elie, who hails from Alabama and served in the Navy for five years, is a TikTok creator and licensed pilot. Recently, she became a member of the Bang Productions TikTok LIVE Creator Network Agency. TikTok has had a profound impact on her life, unexpectedly giving her a career that she always desired. She is now able to live the life she always wanted. Her specialty on TikTok is Battles, and she now helps Bang Productions cultivate the Battling creators in the Agency.
  • 172. Gullah Culture Preservationist Ron Daise | What is Gullah Culture?

    IHow oona do? (Gullah Geechee for “How are you?”)I’m a Singer/Songwriter/Writer/Performer. My creative and performance energies for more than 30 years have filled many with cultural appreciation, celebration, encouragement, and joy! I've been recognized as a cultural preservationist for my original songs, writings, performances, and presentations. If you in any way have found meaning, understanding, \or Aha!-moments about Gullah Geechee culture or heritage through any of my efforts, I am deeply honored! I’m about making a difference and sharing the truth. I use that “big voice” I’ve had since I was a young boy, leading spirituals and gospel songs in my St. Helena Island, SC, community and making listeners feel the lyrics and not just hear them. Writing and performing songs with keen and piercing stories and sometimes jes plain jokey (or fun). I am a recipient of the 1996 South Carolina Order of the Palmetto, the State’s highest honor; the 1997 State of South Carolina Folk Heritage Award, given for lifetime achievement and excellence in folk art that has enriched the lives of the people in their community and state; 1998 Daytime Emmy Award nominee and presenter; the 2007 South Carolina African American Heritage Commission’s Lifetime Achievement Award; and an inductee in the 2013 Penn Center 1862 Circle.In addition to singing and songwriting, I enjoy speed walking and baking “Mr. Ron’s Gullahlicious Pound Cakes” (Share a slice…if you can!).
  • 170. Wade Williamson | True Story About A Self Defense Murder Case

    A South Carolina man who told 911 dispatchers that he shot his friend in self-defense has now been charged with murder. Local media reported that Berkeley County sheriff’s deputies said this week they have charged 34-year-old Wade David Williamson III with murder, a week after a shooting at his home near Summerville.Thirty-five-year-old Liam Owen Vernon of Summerville was shot three times on April 8 at Williamson’s home. Williamson is also charged with possession of a weapon during a violent crime. It was not known if he has an attorney yet. Williamson told dispatchers that he and Vernon had been getting along all night until Vernon hit him in the jaw. Williamson said Vernon continued to hit him, so he shot him. Five years later, the case was dropped.
  • 169. Yogi Bryan | It's Just F*cking Meditation

    Who said meditation has to be so severe? Yogi Bryan has spent years honing his craft and cutting the crap to make meditation accessible for everyone, even when you think you don’t have the time or patience to meditate.Whether you can’t sit still or stop your mind from wandering, Yogi Bryan will help you achieve mental clarity so you can manifest your wildest dreams. In as little as five minutes a day, you can establish a practice that not only relieves stress and calms anxiety but has also proven to boost your physical health. Once you have the basics down, you can discover the power of breath patterns, postures, affirmations, mantras, and more to unlock your self-confidence and higher calling.With the support of Yogi Bryan, meditation has never been more approachable or accessible to work into your daily routine. If you’ve ever felt like meditation wasn’t for you—or if you’ve always wanted to try it but have been too intimidated—buckle up, buttercup. Your journey starts here.
  • 168. Shaman Rhonda McCrimmon | Learn Ancient Healing Wisdom of Celtic Shamanism

    Rhonda McCrimmon is a shamanic teacher who brings the ancient wisdom of Celtic shamanism to life. This spiritual tradition dates back to pre-Christian times in northern Europe and emphasizes the importance of balancing the body's three energy centers or "cauldrons" to achieve physical, spiritual, and emotional health.The three cauldrons are the Cauldron of Warming, the Cauldron of Motion, and the Cauldron of Wisdom. Rhonda McCrimmon takes readers on a journey to activate, nurture, and maintain each cauldron's unique potential.The Cauldron of Warming is the source of our inner knowledge and can be depleted by past traumas, leaving us anxious and fearful. Rhonda teaches you how to replenish this cauldron and restore inner peace and security.The Cauldron of Motion represents our capacity to love and nurture. It is on its side at birth and fills as we experience deep grief or joy. Rhonda shows you how to balance this cauldron, establish healthy boundaries, and protect yourself from emotional drain.The Cauldron of Wisdom is the source of a profound connection with nature. It is upside down at birth, but once righted, it can provide one of the most sublime gifts of Celtic spirituality. Rhonda guides you on how to activate this cauldron and receive this gift.With self-reflections and other exercises, Rhonda McCrimmon helps readers activate and balance their inner cauldrons, dispel fear by tapping into innate wisdom, work through past traumas, foster love, nurture emotional resilience, and manifest their creative potential through rituals and meditations.The book also explores the tradition of Celtic fire festivals and the sacred practice of saining. Rhonda invites readers of all ancestral roots to explore this ancient wisdom and begin their journey down the shaman's path.