Unethical stories

  • 6. Mena Ruparel and Richard Burnham talk ethics

    Mena and Richard discuss ethical issues with tech, AI and the ethical issues of asking clients to sign a notice of acting at the start of a retainer.Richard Burnham is an In House solicitor at a video games company and is a games developer. He is co-author of So you think you're an ethical solicitor, published by Bath Publishing.
  • 5. Mena Ruparel and Gideon Habel talk ethics

    Gideon Habel, Partner and head of the regulatory and disciplinary department at Leigh Day solicitors talks to Mena about ethical issues. Recorded in January 2021 during the third lockdown.
  • 4. Mena Ruparel and Emma Walker talk about Ethics

    Emma Walker, associate solicitor from Leigh Day Solicitors and Mena Ruparel talk about ethical conundrums. Emma shares an interesting tale of a client confidentiality breach on another continent.Emma's profile can be seen here Emma Walker | Associate Solicitor | Leigh Day
  • 3. Mena Ruparel and Jo O'Sullivan talk ethics

    Mena Ruparel and Jo O' Sullivan from O'Sullivan family law discuss ethics at the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak. Jo shares her experiences of ethical decision making and how she thinks things might challenge us in the current climate.Contact Jo here - www.osullivanfamilylaw.comContact Mena here - www.menaruparel.com
  • 1. Karen Dovaston and Mena Ruparel talk ethics

    In this inaugural episode of the Ethical Stories podcast, Mena talks to Karen Dovaston from Dovaston Law https://www.dovastonlaw.co.uk/They discuss the way that they learned how to make ethical decisions as lawyers and Karen shares some stories about other solicitors' ethical decisions gone awry.
  • 1. Richard and Mena talk about the book.

    Bath publishing recorded this podcast with Mena Ruparel and Richard Burnham in 2017, when their book was published. They talk about the reasons they decided to write the book and what the book is about. How to be an ethical solicitor published by Bath Publishing in 2017.The second (updated) book is due to be published in March 2020 to include the SRA's Standards and Regulations. So you think you are an ethical solicitor available from https://ethicalsolicitor.co.uk/