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A weekly recap of the hit ITV show, Love Island, from a fan and her friends (spoiler; this isn't the one with last year's winner, sorry). Each week we'll chat through our favourite bits of the show, who we're loving and hating, the ...

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  • 9. The Final 2021 with Ayesha Hazarika - Split or Steal

    The class of 2021 have graduated *cough*Harriet and her guest Ayesha Hazarika talk over the live final of Love Island 2021 and the series as a whole. From Kaz and Liberty’s legendary womance to Faye’s unforgettable outburst to of course “Milliam" being crowned the winners, the pair ask all the big questions including - what’s with the weird golden balls-Esque ending?Reflect with Harriet and Ayesha on the lessons learned from series 7 and how the real winner this year is self-love, it’s been ICONIC.Your host is Harriet Minter - @HarrietMinter and this week's guest is Ayesha Hazarika @ayeshahazarika

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  • 8. Week 8 2021 with Chris Paouros - Heterosexual on Steroids

    It's been a tearful final week in the villa, with the start of new relationships and the end of old ones. Harriet is joined by activist Chris Paouros to answer the important questions, like is it damaging that the villa is so heterosexual? And, what football team would each of the islanders be?Your host is Harriet Minter - @harrietminter and this weeks guest is Chris Paouros - @chrispaouros
  • 7. Week 7 2021 with Afua Adom - The Guarantee of More Extraordinary Love

    It's been a tumultuous (and a bit dull) few weeks in the villa. What with the downfall of Jiberty and the worst bombshell we've ever seen. So Harriet's invited Afua Adom to unpack everything that's been going on. The two also discuss their own ways they'd bring sexy to the island, and much like Toby, dish out their own relationship advice.Your host is Harriet Minter - @HarrietMinter and this weeks guest is Afua Adom - @afuathescot
  • 6. Week 6 2021 with Victoria Sanusi - The One Where There's Sexual Attraction....

    Toxic femininity, do we need to flip the conversation?After “mad movies” really did stir the pot in the villa, Harriet and her guest Victoria Sanusi discuss Faye’s behaviour toward Teddy and how it may have created an unsafe space in the Love Island villa. They also discuss a different side of Kaz that we have only just seen this week as things with herself, Tyler and Mathew got a tad complicated. Harriet and Vic do a -u-turn on Chloe and Toby. All in all, it really has been a hectic week in paradise, and here’s your weekly antics rundown.Your host is Harriet Minter - @harrrietminter and this weeks guest is Victoria Sanusi @victoriasanusiFor your iced coffee needs:
  • 5. Week 5 2021 with Stephanie Yeboah - Moving Mad Or Feeling Sad?

    In the week when the nation cringed as Hugo got the "job done" Harriet Minter and guest Stephanie Yeboah a Writer, Blogger and Content Creator mull over the goings-on in the Love Island villa, oh and Casa Amour!As things started to get heated this week with THE postcard that sent the villa wild and the aftermath of Casa Amour, Stephanie and Harriet chat over whether Faye and Teddy can recover from being done dirty by the producers and if Toby has actually seen the error of his ways?Your host is Harriet Minter - @HarrietMinter and this week's guest is @StephanieYeboah on Twitter and @stephanieyeboah on Instagram
  • 4. Week 4 2021 with Michelle Elman - Let’s call it off

    Things are really getting going in the villa this week, we’ve seen everything from breakups to our first official boyfriend/girlfriend couple. This week Harriet has pulled aside Life Coach and queen of boundaries Michelle Elman for a chat. The two discuss all the breakups there’s been this week and why there could be an orgasm gap in the villa. Your host is Harriet Minter - @harrrietminter and this weeks guest is Michelle Elman - @ScarredNtScared
  • 3. Week 3 2021 With Kate Cocker - Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

    It's a game of "should I stay or should I go?" with Lucinda and Brad having to choose between each other this week.  Harriet is joined by Presenter Coach and host of the Everyday Positivity podcast, Kate Cocker, to dissect the goings on in the Love Island villa, including the question - "hang on - doesn't sexual chemistry need to include both people fancying each other?" Plus - every year Love Island brings up a huge social issue - you might not be surprised to hear that this year Kate and Harriet think that's come from Danny.  Your host is Harriet Minter - @HarrietMinter and this week's guest is Kate Cocker - @KateCocker