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Turning Suffering Into Strength with Terry Tucker

Ep. 68

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. No matter how big or small the obstacles that show up throughout your life journey are, a positive mindset can help you not only overcome the obstacles but be stronger because of them. 


Terry Tucker is a motivational speaker that spreads his positivity and light with everyone that he crosses paths with. Despite being diagnosed with a rare form of melanoma that has led him to have his leg amputated, Terry has embraced the pain and suffering to elevate himself to another level of strength. His unwavering positivity and acceptance of his cancer diagnosis is an inspiration to anyone who is struggling to overcome anything. Terry  believes everyone is born to lead an uncommon and extraordinary life, which has nothing to do with where you work, how much money you make, or where you live. Next time you find yourself in a low place struggling to see the purpose, think of Terry’s story and you will be sure to uncover resilience within yourself that you didn’t know was possible.


In this episode, Terry and I talk about his background working in a wide variety of jobs, how he discovered that he had a rare form of melanoma, what has inspired him to become a motivational speaker, how he has come to accept his cancer diagnosis, the journey that led him to writing a book, and so much more. Terry’s life lessons are ones that we can all learn something from and I am sure that you will be touched by his story as much as I was in this conversation.

Tune in to Episode 68 of Uncover Your Magic to be inspired by Terry’s life lessons and his contagious positivity! 


Some Questions I Ask:

  • How were you raised? (8:02)
  • What shifted in you when you realized your days were numbered? (19:44)
  • What would be the first thing in your mind that built the first truth? (25:18)
  • Can you tell me where embracing the pain and suffering comes from? (35:27)
  • What inspired you to write a book? (47:13)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Terry’s background (5:50)
  • How Terry learned that he had a rare form of melanoma (16:35)
  • The four truths that Terry lives his life by (22:38)
  • Terry’s definition of success (31:30)
  • Terry’s outlook on his cancer diagnosis (42:18)


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