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  • 201. How To Stay Present When Opting Out Looks Less Painful with Cory Muscara

    Whenever you realize you've been consumed by your phone, lost in mindless scrolling, do you show yourself compassion, or are you as harsh as you can with yourself? Regardless of how skillful you get at being present, it is hard to avoid being sucked in by a world that has become a true master of distraction, a relentless, thirsty-for-attention machine.In today's episode, we discuss all things meditation, mindfulness, and personal growth with the magical Cory Muscara. He is a mindfulness and meditation teacher, keynote speaker, coach, and best-selling author of "Stop Missing Your Life," the Practicing Human podcast host, and former monk. During a life-changing trip to Burma in 2012, Cory spent six months in silence practicing Vipassana meditation (14 to 20 hours per day), ordained as a monk under the late Sayadaw U Pandita within the Mahasi lineage of the Theravada tradition. Since then, he has been on a mission to bring mindfulness and meditation to people in practical and usable ways. Throughout our conversation, you'll hear Cory's compassionate and wise approach to mindfulness practices, details of his trip to Burma, and how he got into mindfulness, moved from both an egoic place and the intrinsic knowledge of the practice's benefits in the long haul. He shares his thoughts on meditation, oneness, emotional healing, relationships, and good and bad fortune. Additionally, Cory talks about the importance of embracing life's unpredictability, the difference between primary and secondary pain, the power of curiosity, and more.Tune in to Episode 201 and let Cory teach you how to remain present when numbing out looks the less painful choice. In This Episode, You Will Learn:When trying to impress a girl opens a life path (11:30)A trip to Burma that changed everything (18:30)How hard silent retreats really are? (27:20)How long does it take to get the "oneness thing" (35:00)What happens when we start to eliminate rumination's time and space (43:20)Back to the real world. How did Cory's journey evolve after the monastic life (49:10)Good luck, bad luck, who knows? (57:00)Resources Mentioned:Book: Cory Muscara - Stop Missing Your LifeBook: Richard Schwartz - No Bad PartsConnect with Cory:WebsiteInstagramLinkedInPracticing Human podcastCorey's linktr.eeLet's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagram
  • 200. A Whole New Look At Overall Health and Inner Peace with Udo Erasmus

    When was the last time you paid attention to your heartaches? Today, I'm joined by the extraordinary Udo Erasmus to uncover some of his best-kept secrets about soul, body, and mind healing through proper nutrition and mindfulness. Udo is an 81-year young soul born during WW2 in Poland, who found in knowing things the feeling of safety the world denied him since day one. Udo has virtually been everywhere and done everything, from fruit picking to babysitting pickled fish, singing in a choir, starting a nude beach, and hitchhiking from Toronto to Vancouver with zero dollars in his pockets. His passion for learning things and understanding how they work took him through several paths, yet after getting poisoned by pesticides in the '80s, he drew all that passion into health. He developed the first ever flax seed oil, several whole, healthy foods for dogs, cats, and horses, and a blend better balanced and more effective than flax oil. He also developed prebiotic fiber and green blends, wrote several books on the effects of oils on health, and gave over 5000 live presentations and thousands of media interviews and staff training in over 30+ countries. Throughout our conversation, Udo shared his thoughts on pursuing harmony in life, the origin of all harm, and self-healing. He explains the origin of his passion for understanding how things work and how that passion led him to his ground-breaking work with oils. Udo also explains God's presence in our bodies, heartaches' transformational power, shares details of the divine interaction that changed his life forever, and much more.Tune in to Episode 200 of Uncover Your Magic and open your mind to a whole new way of understanding your physical, mental, and spiritual health.In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Udo's childhood and upbringing (13:20)Why Udo left the University even without knowing what he was after (21:50)Udo explains God's presence in our bodies (27:00)The origin of all damage in the world (36:10)Don't depend on things that end (45:20)Udo shares tips and advice on proper nutrition (52:10)What it looks like to live in nature with your nature (1:06:00)Udo talks about the divine interaction that transformed his life (1:12:20)Connect with Udo:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramFacebookUdo's ChoiceSign Up for Udo's Weekly NewsletterLet's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagram
  • 199. The Secrets to Multiplying Your Time, Money, and Energy with Kate Northrup

    What would you give up for more money, time, and energy? Truth is, you should be able to get all of that without giving up on anything. In today's episode, we learn the secrets to multiplying our time, money, and energy from Kate Northrup. Kate is a Best-selling Author, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Mom on a mission to support ambitious women to thrive without burning out. Through her two books, "Money: A Love Story," and "Do Less," and her podcast, "Plenty with Kate Northrup," Kate built a platform that helps and supports thousands of people globally every day. Her work has been featured on Oprah Daily, The Today Show, Women's Health, Glamour, The NY Times, and Harvard Business Review, to name a few. Throughout our conversation, Kate talks about the evolution of her relationship with money and how she went from being a financial avoider to being in absolute control of her financial future. We also talked about the stories behind her two books and how she worked through the childhood traumas that interfered with her relationship with work, time, and money.Additionally, Kate shares her thoughts on financial education for kids, women's craving for consistency and predictability, self-healing, personal growth, and more.Tune in to Episode 199 of Uncover Your Magic and discover Kate's secret sauce to a time, money, and energy-abundant life. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Kate's upbringing and the relationship she built with money and time since she was a girl (14:30)How Kate went from being a financial avoider to being financially independent (26:10)A road trip that changed a lot of preconceived ideas in Kate's life (32:30)Kate talks about how she got interested in finances (36:40)What should our kids know about finances (41:00)A mindset change during pregnancy (45:10)Why safety and predictability is so important to us (52:20)Connect with Kate:WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterPlenty with Kate NorthrupGet Kate's booksLet's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramKeywords: Financial Freedom - More Time, Money, and Energy - Money: A Love Story
  • 198. From Militant Atheist to Divine Spiritual Solider. Betty Guadagno's Rebirth Story

    What would your reaction be if you found yourself on the deck of a spaceship commanded by The Source? In this episode, I'm joined by another soul sister, the incredible Betty Guadagno. Betty's awakening story is arguably one of the most inspiring I have encountered throughout my podcasting journey. From suffering all kinds of abuse since she was a little girl to living an extremely destructive life, experiencing homelessness, and dealing with substance abuse, Betty evolved into a Divine Spiritual Soldier, an individual of pure light. She is a Coach, an Awakening advocate, and the Explore the Extraordinary podcast host. Throughout our conversation, Betty shares details of her spontaneous kundalini awakening, her travel to the space of eternity in which she was gifted her pre-birth plan, and the constant feeling of rebirth she keeps on experiencing. You'll also hear about the time she experienced instantaneous healing, how it was for her to go from zero to a million awareness, and the pivotal moment of understanding that she was the co-creator of her reality, even during the darkest times of her life.Additionally, Betty shares her thoughts on the Great Awakening, 3D and 5D experiences, why Heaven looks more real than being here to her, and much more. Tune in to Episode 198 of Uncover Your Magic and learn more about Betty's extraordinary awakening story.In This Episode, You Will Learn:From Militant Atheist to Divine Spiritual Solider (13:00)Betty talks about her visit to the space of eternity (15:50)A bit about the many coincidences that kept appearing in Betty's life (28:10)What the Gift Of Desperation brought to Betty's life (32:40)Betty talks about the moment she started channeling (41:40)Our words are one of our most powerful tools (51:20)Betty shares her thoughts on 3D and 5D experiences (59:30)Why does Heaven feel more real than being here to Betty (1:06:00)Connect with Betty:InstagramYouTubeTikTokFacebookListen to Explore the Extraordinary podcastLet's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramKeywords: Divine Spiritual Soldier - Betty Guadagno - Explore the Extraordinary
  • 197. Exploring Dimensions, Purpose, and Forgiveness with Abundance Alchemist Sean Clayton

    If healing from physical, mental, and spiritual pain depended on letting go and forgiving everyone who ever hurt you, would you? In this episode, I'm joined by Sean Clayton, an incredible man whose awakening was so intense that he comes across as if he has been studying and working in the spiritual realm for decades, yet he found himself little more than four years ago. He is a Life and Business Strategist, a Visionary Spiritual Coach, and an Abundance Alchemist. Throughout our conversation, you'll hear Sean's super intense life story, full of contrasting ups and downs, from suffering abuse in his childhood to excelling in school, dealing with health issues, serving time in federal prison, to healing and finding forgiveness for himself and others during a walking meditation. Additionally, Sean talks about the many times he achieved "3D success," shares his unique perspective on dimensions and the bridges between them, and talks about purpose, vibration, God, and much more. Tune in to Episode 197 of Uncover Your Magic and open your senses to absorb as much wisdom as you can from Sean's beautiful soul. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Sean's awakening in his early 40s (14:00)The beautiful thing about polarity (22:50)Sean talks about one of the many times he achieved "3D success" (32:00)A walking meditation that changed it all for Sean (37:40)Sean shares his unique perspective on the dimensions (46:00)We are integrated vessels (56:40)Sean talks about feminine and masculine energy (1:06:40)Connect with Sean:Website InstagramLinkedInScience of Abundance: Daily Alchemy podcastLet's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagram
  • 196. Uncovering the Hints from Our Past Lives. A Revealing Conversation with Ainslie Macleod

    "Past lives explain everything, and I don't mean that jokingly. I don't think there's a single thing about us humans that isn't past life-related." - Ainslie Macleod. In today's special episode, I'm joined by a unique soul, the extraordinary Ainslie Macleod. He is an internationally renowned past-life psychic, spiritual teacher, and award-winning author of "The Instruction," "The Transformation," and "The Old Soul's Guidebook." Born in Scotland, raised in England, and established in the US in his late 30s, Ainslie experienced his awakening in his early 40s, when a short yet powerful encounter with his uncle John, who at that point had been deceased for a decade, showed up and told him loud and clear: "we should work together." Throughout our conversation, Ainslie will take you to explore the intricate and beautiful tunnels of past lives and how they influence, affect, and modify our lifetime. He brings unheard-of and exciting perspectives on soul families, why it is so hard for old souls to adapt to this new world, and how we should guide our children into exploring their soul journey. Additionally, we get a closer look at how his spiritual guides communicate with him as he talks about Ashley's past life; you'll also learn the soul's role in how, when, and why we meet our lovers, partners, and significant others, and much more.Tune in to Episode 196 of Uncover Your Magic and join us on this incredible journey as we uncover the clues of our past life experiences. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Ainslie's childhood and his life "ignoring" his psychic abilities (13:00)How past lives mold our personality (18:10)Your soul sees what's coming and prepares you for the next incarnation (21:40)How souls maintain a balance by splitting themselves (37:00)There are no stupid questions for spiritual guides (45:40)Why our souls are the ones who pick our partners (55:20)Ainslie shares his thoughts on the education system (1:05:00)Connect with Ainslie:WebsiteFacebookInstagramYouTubeGet Ainslie's books!Let's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramKeywords: Uncovering the Hints of Our Past Lives - Ainslie Macleod - The Old Soul's Guidebook
  • 195. Just Be Love, No Agenda. An Insightful Conversation with Sidney Campos

    Questioning reality is as healthy as it can be confronting and scary, and it is completely normal to "fall apart" in the middle of that process. How can we get good at "playing" the game of life, being at peace with what we are ashamed of, and finding clarity amid our messiness, awkwardness, and weirdness? For the first episode of 2024, I'm joined by a handpicked guest, the enlightening Sidney Campos. Sidney is a Visionary, Energy Expert, Strategy and Innovation Advisor, Transformational Facilitator, and the Best-selling Author of two books, "The Empath Experience" and "I'm Ascending, Now What?" She is the Founder of Akashic Facilitator Training and Lead Instructor of the Embodied Ascension Academy. Throughout our conversation, you'll hear about Sidney's harsh and self-destructive past, the several rock-bottoms she hit, and her physical, mental, and spiritual healing journey. Sidney also shares her thoughts on Akashic Records, Akashic fields, and meeting the universe halfway. You'll also hear Sidney's insights on the game of life, the importance of healing shame, and how to create spaces that will make us feel comfortable enough to share our most shameful secrets.Additionally, you'll hear about the best way to contribute and support the collective ascension the world is going through, spiritual ascension and soul integration, authentic connections and vulnerability, and much more.Tune in to Episode 195 of Uncover Your Magic and learn more about Sidney's beautiful insights on being all love with no agenda. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Sidney shares bits of her self-destructive past (11:10)About Sidney's healing journey (19:00)What are Akashic Records to Sidney, and how they got into her life (24:10)Why are we here? (35:20)Taking the pressure off of life by seeing it as a game (41:50)Sidney talks about her awakening (52:00)Authentic Relating and Embodied Facilitation (1:06:00)Connect with Sidney:WebsiteLinkedInGet Sidney's books! Listen to the Visionary Souls PodcastLet's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagram
  • 194. Uncovering the Best of 2023. Sara Landon, Lee Harris, Paul Selig, RJ Spina, and Cindy Edison

    In today's special episode, we revisit some of the most impactful conversations of 2023.You'll hear bits of my conversation with Sara Landon, where she reveals her first encounter with The Council, the reasons behind self-doubt, and The Council's thoughts on the difference between coming from and coming from fear. Then, we jump into my conversation with Lee Harris and the fantastic story of how he got in touch with the Z's. We follow up with Paul Selig, his unique relationship with channelling, and the downloads he got for writing his best-selling book, "Resurrection."We also remember RJ Spina's miraculous recovery story, from being paralysed from the chest down to walking out of the ICU by himself and completely cured in 100 days using nothing but the power of his mind. Finally, we return to the magical conversation with Cindy Edison, where she shared some of Joseph's infinite wisdom. Tune in to Episode 194 and relive some of the unforgettable moments the pod gifted us in 2023.In This Episode, You Will Learn:Sara's first encounter with The Council (21:00)Lee Harris talks about his spiritual awakening (34:50)Lee talks about what he would do if the Z's informed him his time is up (47:40)Paul Selig and the channelling of "Resurrection" (53:20)RJ Spina shares his incredible healing story (1:10:50)Cindy Edison and the moment Joseph talked to her (1:20:00)Joseph's thoughts on the Fifth dimension (1:30:00)Connect with Sara:WebsiteConnect with Lee:WebsiteInstagramTwitterFacebookYouTubeConnect with Paul:WebsiteConnect with RJ:WebsiteInstagramYouTubeLinkedInFacebookConnect with Cindy:WebsiteGet Cindy's Channeled booksYouTubeInstagramLet's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagram
  • 193. Keep Uncovering Your Magic: A Spiritual Journey with Christy Levy

    How would you know what's holding you back if you can't see it? How can you get an answer when you remain in the vibration of the question? In this episode, I'm blessed to welcome Christy Levy again to the show to discuss the new phases in her spiritual journey, her openness and wisdom to keep uncovering her magic, and her recent discoveries about her abilities, self-image, and self-worth. Christy is a Channel, Intuitive, Medium, Speaker, and Teacher on a mission to help people discover the unseen causes of the insecurity, disharmony, imbalance, and anxiety they experience.  Throughout our conversation, Christy talks about the changes and improvements she has experienced in her spiritual journey in the last 18 months, the extraordinary origin story of her work with past lives, and how she has dealt with the process of uncovering hidden gifts. You'll also hear Christy's thoughts on white-light language and her experiences with spiritual symbols, activations, and manifesting.Additionally, Christy talks about her spiritual Achilles heel, her personal work on self-love, acceptance, inner value, and much more.Tune in to Episode 193 of Uncover Your Magic and allow Christy to help you understand your true nature so you can set yourself free.In This Episode, You Will Learn:Why Christy changed her mind about past lives (10:20)We don't generate the thoughts; we attract them (19:00)We all have it. Christy talks about activations (25:50)All of us have our own white-light language (30:10)Christy talks about spiritual symbols (40:20)Gary, Christy, and Marie Sophie Germain (48:30)Christy talks about her spiritual Achilles heel (1:01:00)The valuable lesson Christy learned about self-image, acceptance, and inner value (1:12:00)Connect with Christy:WebsiteYouTubeLet's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagram