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How A Near Death Experience Uncovered Her Psychic Senses with Ginny Jablonksi

Ep. 129

A near death experience is a life changing event no matter what, but imagine waking up from it to discover that you have spiritual gifts that you didn’t have before…

In this episode, I am joined by the amazing Ginny Jablonksi. After a near death experience from an opioid prescription, Ginny’s life forever changed when she woke up with clairvoyant (clear inner sight), clairsentient (clear feelings of sensations), and claircognizant (clear hearing) skills. She is able to perceive multiple energetic constructs including chakras, meridians and the nervous system. Through her work today, Ginny’s primary focus is to promote the evolution of inner species - humans, animals, and plants - consciousness and understand how prior trauma affects their relationships. 

Throughout this episode, Ginny talks with me about the near death experience that uncovered her psychic senses. You will hear about what she has uncovered with her spiritual gifts, what her perspective on the future of the world is, how she communicates with animals and plants, why it’s important to be self aware and self responsible, and so much more. 

Tune in to Episode 129  of Uncover Your Magic and hear about Ginny’s jaw-dropping journey!

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • About the near-death experience that changed Ginny’s life  (6:58)
  • Ginny’s perspective on what the future of the world is (13:38)
  • What Ginny’s husband has thought about her spiritual gifts (21:56)
  • Ginny’s communication with animals and plants  (23:37)
  • How Ginny connected to her soul and how she helps others do the same (36:50)
  • The power in self awareness and self responsibility (49:00)

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    What if I told you that interactions with interdimensional beings in other dimensional realms are more common than you think, and we all can access them? Joining me today is the wonderful Geraldine Orozco. Geraldine is a Holographic DNA Re-programmer, Quantum and Shamanic Energy Healer, Mediation and QIGong Instructor, Ascension Coach, Radio Host, Writer, and Speaker. Her story is part of the 16-time winning Documentary "Extraordinary the Seeding," she also appeared in "Unidentified" with Demi Lovato and on Travel Chanel's UFO Witness with Ben Hansen. An Interdimensional Contact in the fall of 2013 changed Geraldine's life, making her question her perception of reality. Her psychic abilities peaked. Her physical sensitivity became so sharp that she heard and felt the fluids, feelings, and emotions running through people's bodies when they stood before her. The new sensations were so overwhelming that she had to stay home for months. Time and several hypnotherapy sessions helped Geraldine integrate her new abilities, which opened a new level of information; she then decided to, among other things, understand the truth of contact of the hybridization programs. Throughout this episode, Geraldine shares dozens of golden nuggets on interdimensional interactions, beings, and realms, the Planet Maya, hybridization, and the fifth dimension. She describes with incredibly vivid details her interactions with interdimensional beings, the lessons learned in these experiences, and how they changed not only her life but her perception of reality.Additionally, Geraldine talks about lucidity in dream states, incarnations, the constellation of seven lights, and much, much more. Tune in to Episode 185 of Uncover Your Magic and allow yourself to, at least, question your perception of reality. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Geraldine's three stages of awakening (14:00)Geraldine talks about the interdimensional interaction that changed her life (22:00)The overwhelming sensation of psychic abilities on steroids (40:00)We are all interdimensional creators (1:10:00)Geraldine shares her thoughts on the fifth dimension (1:26:10)Connect with Geraldine:WebsiteInstagramYouTubeTwitterFacebookVisit Geraldine's Hybrid Mother's websiteLet's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagram
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    How consistent are you with the practices that guarantee your spiritual well-being? Just as proper nutrition, daily exercise, and scheduled time for relaxation are crucial to keeping our mental and physical health on point, nurturing spiritual practices, meditation, and surrounding ourselves with grounded people are vital for our spiritual well-being. In today's episode, I share my conversation with the International Certified Psychic Medium and Spiritual teacher, Calise Simone, with whom I synchronistically ran into a few weeks ago. Born from a lineage of Mediums and Intuitives in Australia and now based in New York, Calise reads for celebrities on the L.A. Music Award-winning podcast "Calling Out," alongside hosting and producing the "Third Eye Mind" podcast. We had a fantastic conversation about Calise's gifts, which had been with her since she was a child, her previous life working in finances at Wall Street, and her decision to follow and nurture her intuitive abilities. Calise also shares her thoughts on manifestation, the importance of committing to caring for our spiritual health, and how banking happiness can help us go through difficult times.Additionally, Calise explains mediumship's different levels, the seven tiers between the physical world and God, angels, reincarnation, karma, and much more.Tune in to Episode 184 of Uncover Your Magic and learn more about caring for your spiritual well-being and how to do it properly. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Calise talks about the advantages of getting a reading from someone you don't know (14:00)Recognizing vibration levels and free will (23:00)About mediumship's different levels (39:00)Calise talks about her mentors (42:10)The more incarnations you have, the wiser you get (48:40)Connect with Calise:WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterReserve your spot at Calise's Halloween SéanceLet's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramKeywords: Caring for Your Spiritual Well-being - Bank Happiness for the Though Times - Psychic Medium Readings
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    We've been educated to believe that our mind is the center of our life experience and that everything will work out if we work hard enough in the direction our mind leads us. Still, we must find the connection to ourselves, regardless of what's happening, and allow and trust that energy of self to flow through this existence, in which we all are, despite not knowing what we are doing here. In this episode, I'm joined by the Akashic Records Teacher and Channel, Laura Coe, to discuss her awakening, parenting, her intimate relationship with arts and philosophy, learn about Twin Flames, and more. Growing up in an almost atheist household, Laura always had the slight sensation that life had more to it than most people saw, felt, and experienced. After going down the philosophy route, writing a book, hosting over 150 episodes in her podcast, and selling a health tech company she built and grew with her brother, that slight sensation became an unavoidable truth. Laura knew she had to stop following her mind and unravel the path to her soul. She met her Twin Flame, who introduced her to the Akashic Records, and the rest is history. Throughout our conversation, Laura talks about her upbringing, her idea to become a Philosophy professor, and her relentless desire for connection with her soul, which led her to write "Emotional Obesity" and Host the super-successful podcast "The Art of Authenticity." Laura also explains what the Akashic Records are, how to access them, and why she believes all of us can learn how to do Akashic readings.Additionally, Laura shares her thoughts on parenting, explains Twin Flames, talks about the three books she channeled, and much more. Tune in to Episode 183 of Uncover Your Magic and learn more about Akashic Records, the space that holds your soul's energy.In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Laura's upbringing (12:10)From philosophy professor to entrepreneur (16:00)Following the universe's breadcrumbs (22:20)What is a Twin Flame? (29:40)Laura's first encounter with Akashic Records (32:30)A Google search for your soul (49:10)The universe is speaking to us all the time (1:03:00)Connect with Laura:WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterGet Laura Coe's books!Let's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramKeywords: Akashic Records - Twin Flames and Soul Mates - A Google Search for Your Soul
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    How ready do you feel to parent a gifted soul? The wonderful Kelly Ferro and her incredibly gifted 10-year-old starseed child, Brey, are joining me today. Kelly, also known as The Magical Medium, is an evidential medium and psychic who knew she was different early in her life. She grew up seeing energy and spirits around her and having out-of-body experiences. Fast forward many years, her grandma's death increased her intuition abilities, making her abandon her promising career in the music industry to pursue a path in mediumship reading. Some years later, Brey would arrive in Kelly and her husband's lives to start their magic family; from the infinite number of possibilities, Brey chose them, which might sound like a little thing, but it is a lot to begin with. In this episode, you'll learn about Kelly's upbringing, her early awakening, and how it was her experience opening up to people and sharing her gifts with them. You'll also have the pleasure of listening to Brey, learning about his name's magical story, and listening to his thoughts on God, the universe, infinite lives, aliens, heaven, dreams, and more. Additionally, in this special episode, Kelly explains why Mediums sometimes fail to contact spirits, what it is like to see dead people's spirits, and much, much more. Tune in to Episode 182 of Uncover Your Magic and learn more about Kelly's magic family. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Kelly shares a bit about her childhood and early awakening (12:00)Kelly talks about her experience opening up with people about her gifts (19:10)The magical story of Brey's name (23:40)Brey talks about God, infinite lives, angels (25:50)Are aliens coming to Earth? Are they already here? (40:20)Brey talks about dreams (53:30)Some spirits are more accessible than others (1:06:00)Connect with Kelly:WebsiteInstagramTikTokFacebookLet's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramKeywords: Kelly & Brey Ferro - The Magical Medium - Brey, the Starseed Child
  • 181. The Teachings of Josef: A Vibrational Evolution to the 5th Dimension with Cindy Edison

    When you consciously choose to focus on your soul's vibration, the loving vibration, to create from, you get into the downhill side of a roller coaster because once you do that, there is no way back: your reality shifts, and you start creating from who your true self. Josef explains that that's how you get your feet wet into the fourth dimension and naturally progress to the fifth. In today's episode, we are blessed to be around the loving vibrations of Cindy Edison and learn all about The Teachings of Josef, the vibrational movement we are part of, the transition from the third to the fifth dimension, and more. Cindy is a Conscious Channel for the Collective Consciousness known as Josef, who speaks to us from the vibrations from the New Earth to help us move forward in our evolution to the expanded realms of Consciousness. Although Cindy started hearing Josef's voice in 2003, it wasn't until many years later that she expanded her awareness of them, learned their name, and developed their symbiotical relationship.  Throughout our conversation, you'll hear Cindy and Josef's story, how they got into each other's vibrational space and timeline, and how they started to work together. You'll also learn Josef's thoughts on the ego, the transition from the third to the fifth dimension, and our soul's vibration. Additionally, Cindy shares Josef's Down by The River Process, explains the importance of aligning with one's inner self and teaching our kids to do the same, using spiritual growth and evolution to overcome traumas, and much more.Tune in to Episode 182 of Uncover Your Magic and be inspired by the loving vibrations of Josef's teachings.In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Cindy and a quick update on Ashley's personal life (3:40)Josef presented themselves the moment Cindy was ready for them, not a second before that (14:00)Josef's thoughts on the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions (22:50)How Josef sees the ego (36:00)Cindy talks about how she communicates with Josef (44:10)The third dimension is a carnival (51:50)If you don't understand how you are creating, you can't understand how to shift what you're creating (1:02:00)Connect with Cindy:WebsiteGet Cindy's Channeled booksYouTubeInstagramLet's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramKeywords: The Teachings of Josef - Understand Your Vibrational Movements - Conscious Channeling