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Healing Your Inner Teenager with Shane Braverman

Ep. 90

How has your adolescent experience impacted you in your adult life? Our unresolved experiences and underlying fear from growing up impacts who we are in all areas of life, but especially how we show up as parents.  

In today’s episode,  I am so excited to be joined by Shane Braverman. After growing up in a dysfunctional household, Shane was closed off until she met Belinda Womack and was shown how connecting with your archangels can change your life. After working with parents and adolescents for over 18 years as an educator, Shane realized that she had the tools to help parents and children understand each other with compassion and empathy. Today, Shane works with parents to heal their inner teenager so they can improve their relationship with their children. Shane is able to channel what is going on beneath the surface and guide parents towards the root of their actions. 

In this episode, Shane and I talk about her unique story from a closed off atheist to an archangel channeler that helps parents and children connect on a deeper level. You will hear about Shane’s dysfunctional childhood, how she was introduced to Belinda Womack, her work with parents and adolescents, and even hear her run through a  visualization. I am so passionate about parenting and it’s incredible to hear how Shane’s work is raising the vibration of the future generation. 

Tune in to Episode 90 of Uncover Your Magic and discover how Shane helps parents to heal their inner teenager! 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Shane’s experience growing up (7:04)
  • Shane’s motivation to help adolescents (16:38)
  • How Shane helps parents to heal their childhood trauma  (18:02)
  • The three A’s that are lacking in a parent / child relationship (33:20)
  • Shane’s take on how the pandemic will affect teenagers long term (43:28)
  • Shane’s understanding of the archangels (52:40)

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