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Connecting With Your Guardian Angels with Maddie Sparkles

Ep. 84

Are you in touch with your guardian angels? While they are always with us, it’s up to us to connect with them and use their guidance to step into our power. 

Joining me today is the wonderful Maddie Sparkles. Maddie is an intuitive healer, transformational empowerment coach, inspirational poet, and a professional angel and oracle card reader. Using each of these skills, Maddie is on a mission to help people connect to their angels, release their fears, and embrace their power through divine guidance. Throughout this conversation you will learn the incredible things that are possible when you connect with your angels. We are on Earth to learn, grow, and expand, and our angels are another spiritual tool we can use throughout this journey. 

In this episode, Maddie and I dive into her background and how she began to understand her angels, why she decided to become a coach, the ways that she connects to her angels, the work she does with her clients, and so much more. You will also hear a first-hand listening experience of her work when she provides me with an angel card reading. Maddie’s connection with her guardian angels is an incredible reminder that when we overcome our limiting beliefs and connect with the spiritual tools beyond Earth, we can discover so much more about ourselves and the path we are on. 

Tune in to Episode 84 of Uncover Your Magic and learn how connecting to your guardian angels can help you uncover more magic within your life! 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Maddie’s unique story (8:32)
  • How Maddie decided to become a coach (15:03)
  • Maddie’s explanation guardian angels (18:22)
  • How Maddie helps her clients to connect with their archangels (36:11)
  • A prayer that Maddie uses within her work (45:19)

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