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Piers Morgan Uncensored: Richard Dawkins Exclusive

Season 3, Ep. 44

On tonight's of Piers Morgan Uncensored, Piers goes one on one with one of the fascinating thinkers and famous scientists on the planet, Richard Dawkins is Uncensored.

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  • Dr. Phil: On TikTok, China, Elon & Ozempic

    He’s long been known as “America’s Shrink.”Now the legendary Dr Phil has decided its time to put the United States on his couch… His new TV network will tackle taboos and debate the thorniest issues dividing the country.After decades counselling stars and subjects on primetime TV, he’s dispensing tough love on everything from cancel culture and childhood anxiety to the rising threat of China and the crisis at America’s border.Now Dr Phil joins Uncensored.YouTube: @PiersMorganUncensoredX: @PiersUncensoredTikTok: @piersmorganuncensoredInsta: @piersmorganuncensored
  • Phil Heath: Seven-Time Mr Olympia Winner

    Phil Heath is a seven-time Mr Olympia, and one of the first guests in a long time with a physique to Piers'...His new documentary - produced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson - charts an unprecedented quest for an 8th title in the most prestigious bodybuilding contest in the world.He has big arms, and big views on health, motivation and resilience.Now Phil Heath goes Uncensored. YouTube: @PiersMorganUncensoredX: @PiersUncensoredTikTok: @piersmorganuncensoredInsta: @piersmorganuncensored
  • Steven Crowder: On America's China Crisis

    Tonight's guest is a passionate defender of free speech and a ferocious critic of censorship.Last time Steven Crowder joined Uncensored we locked horns on the subject of Alex Jones, airing our conflicting views on whether everybody deserves a place on a privately-held digital platform. Now it’s censorship of an entire platform that's up for debate.The US House of Representatives has passed a bill requiring TikTok owner ByteDance to sell the social media platform or face a total ban.Critics say it’s a trojan horse for sweeping digital censorship. One of them, professor Jeffrey Sachs, told me last week that the US government is far more likely to spy on him than China!Is he wrong?
  • 6 Months On: Norman Finkelstein vs Alan Dershowitz

    Six months on from the Hamas attacks on Israel - we’re debating that context in more detail.This isn’t an argument about 3,000 years of ancestry and who got there first.But it is about the conflict and conditions over the last century that frame almost everything about the war still raging today.Piers' two guests are scholars with deeply opposing views and a feud so well-documented that it has its own Wikipedia page.But they've both agreed to debate the ideas, not the individuals.Author and political scientist , Professor Norman Finkelstein & Lawyer and author of 'War against The Jews' and former Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz.YouTube: @PiersMorganUncensoredX: @PiersUncensoredTikTok: @piersmorganuncensoredInsta: @piersmorganuncensored
  • Eddie & Barry Hearn: On AJ v Fury, Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson & Saudi Sports

    Father-and-son sports promoters Barry and Eddie Hearn speak to Piers ahead of potentially, the richest boxing fight in history; Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua.The pair also opened up about Mike Tyson's fight with Jake Paul, trans women in sport, their competitive nature and money.YouTube: @PiersMorganUncensoredX: @PiersUncensoredTikTok: @piersmorganuncensoredInsta: @piersmorganuncensored
  • Is Disney Falling Apart?

    The House of Mouse is falling down.Disney’s last four big releases have bombed at the Box Office. The company is currently no longer Hollywood’s number one film studio.Recent box office takings show even Marvel has lost its - well - marvel.Critics say the reason is simple. Disney has prioritised identity politics over entertainment; pushing messages audiences don’t want or need to hear.So do they have a point?YouTubers Critical Drinker and Nerdrotic join Uncensored contributor Esther Krakue and the author for 'The case for cancel culture', Ernest Owens. YouTube: @PiersMorganUncensoredX: @PiersUncensoredTikTok: @piersmorganuncensoredInsta: @piersmorganuncensored
  • Is Israel Committing Genocide?

    Genocide. Not a word to be used lightly.In recent months, the term has been levelled at Israel for its treatment of the war in Gaza. The Israeli government has repeatedly denounced the accusation despite the ICJ ruling in January that it was 'plausible' that genocide could be taking place.Over 32,000 Palestinians - mostly children - are believed to have been killed since the horrific attack on October 7th and today, a new report from the United Nations says there are 'reasonable grounds' that Israel has carried out acts of Genocide in Gaza.American-Israeli commentator, Emily Schrader & journalist and filmmaker Abby Martin join Piers to debate
  • Christspiracy: Was Jesus Veggie?

    Film Directors Kip Andersen and Kameron Waters join Piers to discuss their new controversial documentary Christspiracy - which, among many claims, insists that Jesus was a vegetarian.Piers puts their theories to the test....YouTube: @PiersMorganUncensoredX: @PiersUncensoredTikTok: @piersmorganuncensoredInsta: @piersmorganuncensored
  • Morgan's Mailbag: Is Ben Shapiro a hypocrite?

    Piers takes another look inside his massive mailbag to answer your questions...YouTube: @PiersMorganUncensoredX: @PiersUncensoredTikTok: @piersmorganuncensoredInsta: @piersmorganuncensored