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Patrick Bet-David: As Iran Strikes Israel

World leaders are urging Israel to de-escalate after Iran’s drone and missile barrage.

The attack poses urgent questions about the stability of the Middle East, America’s role in the world and the race for the White House.

Joining me Piers to discuss, Valuetainment CEO, host of the PBD podcast and probably the most notable Iranian-American in media… Patrick Bet-David.

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  • Dennis Quaid: On Hollywood, Trump, Reagan & Baby Reindeer

    Dennis Quaid is one of the most famous and prolific actors in the world. He’s starred in more than 70 movies. His latest is a biopic called “Reagan”, charting the great former president’s journey from childhood to the White House via Hollywood. He’s a big star with even bigger opinions on the state of the world today. And he joins me in the studio now.
  • The Flasher Who Closed Dublin-NYC Portal vs Piers

    The New York–Dublin Portal by Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gylys was meant to connect different cultures and bring people together. It has arguably been a success, but some people have taken things too far. In particular, model Ava Louise flashed her breasts to the people of Dublin. Piers Morgan invites Ava onto the show to ask her why she did it - and also her mother Susan Lockner, to get her take on her daughter’s actions. Is Susan proud of Ava's actions? Piers finds out...
  • Trans Teen Wins Oregon State 200-Meter Title

    In this fiery debate on women's sport, Piers Morgan brings James Barr, Esther Krakue, Tomi Lahren and Francesca Fiorentini onto the topic of trans athletes, ignited by the news that transgender sprinter Aayden Gallagher was booed for winning gold in the Oregon Girls 200m State Championships last week. Esther and Tomi are indignant at what they see as males replacing females in women’s sport, while Francesca says she’s ‘embarrassed to be a woman’ when other women 'freak out' about trans athletes. The row boils over into an analysis of American Football player Harrison Butker, who used his address at Benedictine College to tell women that their most important title is homemaker
  • “Boeing Has A Big Problem” Richard Quest Unpacks Turbulence Death

    Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by aviation expert Richard Quest to analyse the tragic story of a Singapore-bound Boeing 777 aeroplane that encountered turbulence leaving a British pensioner dead from a heart attack and others critically injured. Richard explains to Piers Morgan that this incident is actually a small part of a larger pattern, telling him "Boeing has a big problem" when it comes to safety. Piers pushes Richard, who claims that while there are systemic issues with Boeing, he worries more about pilot training than the technology itself.Richard then turns the questioning around to Piers, asking him what he makes of Rishi Sunak announcing a snap general election in the UK for July 4th.
  • Israel President Isaac Herzog: On The Recognition Of Palestine

    Piers Morgan speaks to Israeli President Isaac Herzog as the shadow of war continues to darken the Middle East. President Herzog reacts to the news that Ireland, Norway and Spain will officially recognise the state of Palestine by the end of this month, calling it a "futile step" that "won’t help" Palestinians. He also comments on the recent death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, claiming they are not celebrating in Israel - but makes the point that the UN mourning his death illustrates the ‘rotting of the institution’. Before saying goodbye, President Herzog claims he cares about the Palestinian people, and even says he’ll take Piers’ complaint on the rights of journalists in Israel to the relevant authorities.
  • Baby Reindeer Update: Fiona Harvey To Sue Netflix

    Piers Morgan’s now infamous interview with Fiona Harvey, the woman internet sleuths quickly identified as the ‘real’ Martha Scott from the Netflix hit Baby Reindeer, continues to rack up views and divide opinion. Since the interview, Fiona has issued a statement confirming that she is planning to take legal action against ‘all of those who have lied about me’. Piers Morgan Uncensored invites commentator Ava Santina, media lawyer Jessica Welch, criminal defense lawyer Mark Geragos, Deadline Editor Jake Kanter and Popcorned Planet's Andy Signor to discuss the ongoing fallout; with Mark calling what has happened defamation and Ava raising issues of trans fetishization from the show’s creator Richard Gadd.
  • Exclusive: P Diddy’s Bodyguard Makes Explosive New Claims

    Over the last few days, footage of rapper Sean Combs aka P Diddy violently assaulting singer Cassie Ventura in a hotel was leaked to the public. Piers Morgan invites Diddy’s former head of security, Roger Bonds, onto the show to find out the truth. Bonds doesn’t shy away from controversy, saying that Diddy’s recent apology video was ‘just saying what people wanted to hear’ and calls him a ‘king manipulator’ and an ‘arrogant person’.Piers then brings in YouTuber and hip hop commentator DJ Vlad, who says that ‘a lot of people who doubted Cassie are now apologising’.
  • 'Butcher of Tehran' Dies in Helicopter Crash: What Next For Iran & War?

    On the 19th of May, a military helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, crashed near Varzaqan, Iran killing everyone onboard. The world has been shocked by what Raisi’s death could mean for the country and the region. Piers Morgan speaks to University of Tehran Professor, Mohammad Marandi, who furiously defends Raisi as a popular figure and calls out the hypocrisy of western governments. Piers’ in-studio guest, IDF spokesperson Jonathan Conricus retorts that “The Butcher of Tehran is a good description” for Raisi, and claims that the Islamic regime in Iran is the source of terrorism all around the world.Mustafa Bargouti reacts to Jonathan Conricus’ discussion with Piers
  • Baby Reindeer Mailbag: “I’ve Personally Emailed Richard Gadd”

    Piers Morgan dedicates this week’s mailbag entirely to the comments on his explosive Baby Reindeer interview with Fiona Harvey, the woman identified as the ‘real’ Martha from the Netflix hit show. Many people praised the actress, Jessica Gunning, for her performance as Martha. Others questioned whether Fiona should’ve even been invited on the show due to concerns about her mental health. Piers also agrees with viewers calling for Richard Gadd to be interviewed on Piers Morgan Uncensored, and confirmed that he’s personally emailed the Baby Reindeer creator himself.Subscribe to stay up-to-date on all Uncensored content.YouTube: @PiersMorganUncensoredX: @PiersUncensoredTikTok: @piersmorganuncensoredInsta: @piersmorganuncensored