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Baby Reindeer Update: Fiona Harvey To Sue Netflix

Piers Morgan’s now infamous interview with Fiona Harvey, the woman internet sleuths quickly identified as the ‘real’ Martha Scott from the Netflix hit Baby Reindeer, continues to rack up views and divide opinion. Since the interview, Fiona has issued a statement confirming that she is planning to take legal action against ‘all of those who have lied about me’.

Piers Morgan Uncensored invites commentator Ava Santina, media lawyer Jessica Welch, criminal defense lawyer Mark Geragos, Deadline Editor Jake Kanter and Popcorned Planet's Andy Signor to discuss the ongoing fallout; with Mark calling what has happened defamation and Ava raising issues of trans fetishization from the show’s creator Richard Gadd.

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  • 'Real Martha' From Baby Reindeer Lawyer: Fiona Harvey WILL Take The Stand

    Fiona Harvey, the "real Martha" from Baby Reindeer, is suing Netflix for a whopping 175 million dollars.The 34-page lawsuit claims the streaming giant is responsible for "the biggest lie in TV history" over its portrayal as Fiona as a twice-convicted and twice-jailed stalker.Its also contends that Netflix 'did nothing' to prevent Harvey from being identified and that, as a result, her life has been 'ruined'. Media commentators say the result of the case could change how 'true stories' are portrayed in TV and cinema forever. Fiona Harvey’s U.S. legal representative, Richard Roth, joins Piers from New York....
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  • Piers Morgan Vs Candace Owens

    Piers' next guest is a hugely influential YouTube commentator with an army of followers who says they were fired for speaking their mind but then came roaring back with an even bigger show.Candace Owens launched her new, independent show this week.She has previously described Piers as “dishonest”, a “snake” and “a toddler”.And in the true spirit of Uncensored,she joins us now...