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  • 14. Ep 14 – Finale Realness

    The Season 1 Finale of Two Scoops: Heart To HeartScoop Of The Week ~ Things We Have Learned ~ Challenges & Triumphs of Season 1 ~ Aspirations for Season 2 ~ Questions For Each OtherFor Your Reference:

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  • 13. Ep 13 – The Queen Has Spoken (feat. Chloe O. Davis)

    Chloe O. Davis drops by to share the creative process behind her new book, The Queen's English.Other mentions: Tajabone, Listener's Choice Award (British Podcast Awards), NYC's Anti-Violence Project FundraiserFor Your Reference:The Queen's English (UK Edition) is out from 17th June 2021! UK residents, buy your copy at Gay's The Word bookshop in London or from Penguin Random House UK. Global readers outside the UK please visit her website or Instagram page for more info on how to Anti-Violence
  • Extra Scoop – Across The Ages (feat. David McAlmont)

    Mr B, Cam & David have a discussion around the topics of age & history and how we as a community use stay connected to the past whilst progressing forward. Age & Wisdom in the LGBTQ+ Community ~ Uncles & Aunties The Elders We Love & Trust ~ The Harlem Renaissance ~ Black & Queer Is Thriving ~ The Black & Queer Renaissance/Awakening ~ Connecting Across Generations ~ Looking Ahead to 2027: Sixty Years Since
  • 12. Ep 12 – Get Into The History (feat. David McAlmont)

    Queer community & music icon David McAlmont shares a piece of his journey with us. Cam & Mr B's Scoop of the Week: Podcast Shoutouts & More of Ajamu X ~ Growing Up Queer In Guyana ~ Breaking Down The Bible ~ Deliverance From Religion ~ Music, Religion & History For Your ReferenceInstagram @mcalmontofficialTwitter: @davidmcalmontAjamu: Archival Sensoria podcasts to check outGet The BeltGrowing Up with gal—demBlack Boy JoyTwo TwosThe 802Wolves in the CityBusy Being BlackUS-based podcasts to check outBeing SeenCatch My Black & GaySlick TalkHIM PodcastThe Read
  • Extra Scoop – Creative Meditation (feat. Derek Aidoo)

    Derek Aidoo leads us in a creative meditation.For Your Reference:Music throughout the meditation is royalty-free and under Creative Commons [CC BY-NC-ND].
  • 11. Ep 11 – Spiritual Mindfulness (feat. Derek Aidoo)

    Derek Aidoo joins Two Scoops to speak about mindfulness and spirituality. Scoop of the Week: Readings From Literature & Poetry ~ Religion vs Spirituality ~ Tending To Our Roots & Listening To Our Inner Voice ~ Honouring Our Heritage ~ Connecting To Our AncestryFor Your Reference:Instagram – @derek_aidoo  100 miles per hour - How To Slow Down and Start Meditating (All contributions towards the book go to Black Thrive Global)
  • Extra Scoop – Rainbow Nation Renaissance (feat. Donald Nkomo)

    Afrofuturism, Black Progression & The African Agenda ~ Protecting Our LGBTQ+ Brothers & Sisters ~ Atrocities Against The Queer Community ~ Thoughts On Freedom Day ~ Donald On “Coming Out” ~ Creating Safe Spaces For Your Reference:@donaldnkomo on Instagram