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Two Indie Authors

Two Indie Authors - Ep.50. All about selling direct with Joanna Penn

Ep. 50

The fiftieth episode is here and the boys have a HUGE guest this week - none other than Joanna Penn of the Creative Penn podcast. Joanna is one of the leading voices in the indie author world and has over a decade's worth of knowledge. A huge champion of being wide, Joanna has some fascinating insight on selling her books direct, as well as other avenues of additional income. You don't want to miss this!

She also takes on the 'Seven Questions', and even has the unenviable honour of having Rob sing her a mail bag song!

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  • 68. Two Indie Authors - Ep.68. Are we truly independent as indie authors?

    After the panic and outrage caused by the Findaway/Spotify announcement this past week, Rob and David sit down to discuss how truly independent are indie authors and what would it take to achieve complete independence.They are then joined by thriller author, Phil M. Williams, who tackles the 'Seven Questions' all the way from the East Coast of America.
  • 67. Two Indie Authors - Ep.67. All about BookFunnel with Damon Courtney

    This week, the guys welcome a huge guest, as the creator of BookFunnel, Damon Courtney joins them on the show. As one of the biggest innovators in the indie author world, Damon has over a decade of experience in the profession, as well as being the brains behind one of the most used pieces of software amongst the indie author community. If you've ever wanted to know what BookFunnel can do for your business, or some of the features it offers, then this is the episode for you.And Damon sticks around to tackle the 'Seven Questions', offering a unique take on things such as marketing and has some sage advice for you all.
  • 66. Two Indie Authors - Ep.66. The perils of Amazon exclusivity

    This week, Rob shares his story of a horrible email received from Amazon and the potential impact it could have on his indie author business, leading to a wider discussion about some of the perils of having all of your eggs in the Amazon basket.The boys are then joined by crime writer, Martin Tracey, who brings a wave of positivity to the 'Seven Questions'.
  • 65. Two Indie Authors - Ep.65. AUTHOR TAKEOVER - M.R. Mackenzie

    This week, David and Rob are joined by phycological thriller writer, M.R. Mackenzie, who appeared way back on episode 6 to tackle the 'Seven Questions'. Over a year later, M.R. Mackenzie has transformed his indie author business, and he sits down with the Two Indie Authors to discuss what he has done to turn it around, the mindset and mentality he now has, along with the big plans he has put in place to continue his upward trajectory.For anyone who has hit a wall, or isn't sure what they could do to spark their indie author career to life, then this is the episode for you.
  • 64. Two Indie Authors - Ep.64. All about author events with Alice G. May

    This week, celebrated children's author and public speaking expert Alice G. May returns to the show, this time to share an in-depth discussion about speaking at author events and why they can be so beneficial to an indie author's career. Along with David and Rob, she shares some fascinating tips from what to talk about to how to find these events. It's a truly fascinating discussion.Speaking of fascinating, the duo are then joined by Emmy-nominated film maker turned independent author, Richard Slater-Jones who takes on the 'Seven Questions'...with his books not even out on the shelves yet.A can't miss episode.
  • 63. Two Indie Authors - Ep.63. Six most common mistakes that indie authors make

    This week, David and Rob sit down to discuss the six most common mistakes that indie authors make. How do they know? Well, they made them themselves! It's an interesting look at what can impact your author career, and ways to avoid them and ensure you set yourself up for success.Along with an audiobook book based mailbag question, the boys welcome sci-fi author David Wake onto the show to face the 'Seven Questions'.
  • 62. Two Indie Authors - Ep.62. A big decision...

    This week, David had a whole episode planned...before dropping a big decision in his week that was that caused Rob to hijack the show and want to discuss it further. It's worth a deeper discussion, that's for sure!The mail bag is back, as well as the revamped 'Seven Questions' where critically acclaimed author, Lolo Paige joins the boys all the way from Alaska.
  • 61. Two Indie Authors - Ep.61. A new year ahead of us...

    Happy New Year! 2024 is upon us, and David and Rob sit down to discuss their aspirations for the year ahead. From the growth of the podcast, their writing ambitions as well as what they are going to look at differently this year, this podcast will give you a good insight into the thought processes of the Two Indie Authors.
  • 60. Two Indie Authors - Ep.60. 2023 Wrapped

    It's the final show of 2023, and David and Rob sit down to give an honest and open look at their years as independent authors. From their sales figures, incomes and expenses, as well as their highlights and lowlights of the year. It's a fascinating look behind the scenes of their two independent author businesses.