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Bug Bangin' & New Beginnings

Season 4, Ep. 296

The Turn Me On family is growing, and Jeremie and Bryde are excited to be introducing a new team member, Anna, who has come on board to bring her incredible support and help us delve deeper into the fascinating world of sexuality research. Anna's arrival marks a new chapter for the podcast, infusing the show with fresh energy and enthusiasm. After some Anna love bombs, the hosts dive into the sex lives of bugs. Digging into insect mating rituals, covering everything from seductive mating calls to the exchange of spermatophores (yum). Bryde and Jeremie explore the peculiar practices of feeding during mating, and even the ultimate sacrifice some insects make for reproduction.

Key Takeaways:

  • The addition of Anna to the podcast team has brought new energy and support to the show.
  • The hosts plan to focus more on the research side of sexuality in future episodes.
  • Bug sex is a fascinating topic, with insects using various strategies for mating and reproduction.
  • Valentine's Day controversies, such as naming exes in cat litter boxes, can be seen as toxic and unnecessary.



Introduction and Announcement


The Role of Anna in the Podcast


Exploring Bug Sex


Mating Calls and Musical Seduction


Spermatophore and Feeding During Mating


Fatal Attractions and Self-Sacrifice


The Pleasure Principle


Acknowledging the Listeners and Future Plans


Discussion on Valentine's Day Controversies


Conclusion and Call to Support the Podcast

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  • 307. Carnal Knowledge: Does Clitoral Knowledge Translate into Orgasm?

    Turn Me On presents: Carnal Knowledge! Our new weekly rendezvous between sex and science. In this conversation, TMO's resident sex researcher, Anna, discusses a paper titled 'Does Clitoral Knowledge Translate Into Orgasm? The Interplay Between Clitoral Knowledge, Gendered Sexual Scripts, and Orgasm Experience.'The paper explores the inequality in orgasm rates and sexual pleasure between heterosexual women and men. Do women have more clitoral knowledge than men? Does gendered sexual scripts impact sexual pleasure? What is more important for the optimal orgasm experience; a knowledge of our genital anatomy or our ability to advocate for the pleasure that we desire? Science is sexy, folks.Chapters00:00Introduction and Setting the Stage05:19The Clitoral Knowledge Quiz26:03The Role of Clitoral Knowledge in Orgasm Experience34:53Conclusion and Call to ActionLink to studyCitation:Dienberg, M. F., Oschatz, T., Kosman, E., & Klein, V. (2023). Does Clitoral Knowledge Translate into Orgasm? The Interplay Between Clitoral Knowledge, Gendered Sexual Scripts, and Orgasm Experience. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 49(5), 484–496.
  • 306. Making Your Moulin Rouge

    If masturbation needs anything, it’s some fresh new idioms. Welcome to Season 5 of Turn Me On, a season where hosts Bryde and Jeremie are excited to dive even deeper into their mutual love for words, science, and perspective shifting conversations in the name of bettering the sex and love lives of all. Welcome, Anna! A fabulous addition to this season, Anna is a passionate graduate student from Columbia University who is excited to share the latest in sex research every week in a brand new segment. Fans of Turn Me On, get ready for a second episode every week to help you keep that pilot light lit. In this host episode, Bryde presents Jeremie with some unasked questions about common masturbation habits, and tests him with some hard hitting trivia including how and when masturbation shows up in humans and non-human animals, and which famous person said what on the subject of autoeroticism. TakeawaysMasturbation is a common and healthy behavior in humans and animals.Masturbation can have mental health benefits, such as stress relief and increased confidence.Sex toys can enhance the experience of masturbation, but personal preferences vary.Different animals engage in self-pleasure using various techniques and objects.Famous individuals have shared their thoughts and experiences related to masturbation.Chapters00:00Introduction and Season Launch03:13Masturbation Month and Mental Health06:20Using Sex Toys for Masturbation16:15Animals and Masturbation41:12Famous Quotes on Masturbation
  • 305. Pleasure Pods: I Melt for You

    What’s a bigger turn off than feeling like sex might shred your vagina? Deb Porteus found new love right along the same time she started perimenopause, and the kicker is that "new relationship energy" sex combined with vaginal dryness for folks who are going through “the change”, it fucking hurts. They tried the standards and explored at length, but firecracker Deb and her lover Brian were determined to make something better than what they could find, and The Pleasure Pods were born. Longtime friends from teaching yoga together, Deb, Bryde and Jeremie chat about what The Pleasure Pods are made of, what they look, feel, smell, and taste like, and the many ways they can be used to enhance your pleasure. No, this is not an ad! Deb has a spirit that will light you up and inspire you, and you will enjoy her story of how she went about getting into lube development and becoming a “friggin’ awesome squirter”.Pleasure Pods Links:InstagramFacebookYoutubewww.thepleasurepods.comTakeawaysPleasure Pods are small, solid lubricant pods made of natural ingredients like mango butter, cocoa butter, and coconut butter.The pods melt upon contact with the skin, providing a smooth and long-lasting lubrication.Pleasure Pods can be used for sexual activities, massages, and as a skincare product for soothing irritated skin.Deborah's personal experience with perimenopause and vaginal dryness inspired her to create Pleasure Pods to address the lack of effective and safe lubricants on the market.Chapters00:00Introduction and Setting Up08:01Using Coconut Oil and the Birth of Pleasure Pods16:27Ingredients and Skincare Benefits of Pleasure Pods29:31Expanding into the United States36:12Understanding the Longevity of Pleasure Pods43:16Connecting with Pleasure Pods on Social Media
  • 304. Shaping Sex Ed: A Public Health Perscpective

    What is the most common question an online sex educator finds in her DMs? Danielle Bezalel, aka DB, is an executive producer and creator of Sex Ed with DB. She has a Master of Public Health with a focus on sexuality and reproductive health. In this conversation, she talks to Bryde and Jeremie about public health and its role with sex education, highlighting the need for age-appropriate and medically accurate sex education that covers topics such as boundaries, consent, puberty, menstruation, STIs, and contraception, and statistics relating to abstinence only sex ed. DB breaks down the benefits of masturbation, including effects on stress levels, mood, and confidence, and details on her own masturbation science project and the findings. Jeremie offers a brief history lesson on the Magic Wand. Other topics of conversation include the challenges of being a sexual health influencer on social media plus a workshop to help folks who are establishing their sex health brands online. DB also addresses questions about talking to children about masturbation and the most common questions she receives as a sexual health educator.Keywords: sex education, public health, abstinence-only, comprehensive, age-appropriate, medically accurate, boundaries, consent, puberty, menstruation, STIs, contraception, pleasure, orgasm gap, sex education, masturbation, sexual health, Magic Wand, confidence, parenting, sex toys, social mediaTakeawaysComprehensive and age-appropriate sex education is crucial for promoting sexual health and well-being.The United States has a lack of comprehensive sex education, with only 17 states requiring medically accurate program content.Abstinence-only programs perpetuate myths and misinformation about sex and sexual health.Sex education should start at a young age, with age-appropriate discussions about boundaries, consent, and body parts.Public health plays a vital role in addressing sexual health issues and promoting overall well-being. Masturbation can have numerous benefits, including stress reduction, improved mood, and increased confidence.Follow DB:X InstagramFacebookTiktokWebsiteWorkshopYoutubeOther episode mentions: Guttmacher Institute Chapters00:00Introduction to Danielle Bezalel (DB)05:54The Lack of Comprehensive Sex Education in the United States12:06Age-Appropriate Topics in Sex Education28:21Comprehensive Sex Education41:19Talking to Children About Masturbation48:09The Challenges of Being a Sexual Health Educator54:33Navigating Social Media as a Sexual Health Influencer
  • 303. Eternal Consequences of Sexuality

    What's it like to make a decision in favour of your sexual and mental well-being that costs you everything you know and sometimes everyone you love? Julia and Jeremiah Postema are certified sex therapists who grew up in different religious communities, and from their experiences they speak to singles and couples who are on their own healing path from shame, disillusionment, and allegiance to the church. Jeremie and Bryde chat with today's guests about the restrictive gendered messages around relationships and sexuality that exist within evangelical, Mormon, and Pentecostal communities. They also talk about the challenges of existing in both religious and philosophical spaces and the grief that can come with leaving a religious community. They highlight the importance of expanding options for healthy relationships and sexuality, at a pace that is appropriate for those in treatment.TakeawaysGrowing up in religious communities can impact our approaches to intimacy and sexuality.The concept of the 'trad wife' reinforces restrictive gender norms within evangelical, Mormon, and Pentecostal communities.Existing in both religious and philosophical spaces can be challenging, but it is possible to maintain a sense of spirituality outside of organized religion.Leaving a religious community can result in a sense of grief and loss, as it often means leaving behind a community and relationships.Religious communities often teach foundational values for healthy sexuality in early childhood, but as children become adolescents, the focus shifts to allegiance and identification with the church.Men who grow up in purity culture may struggle with the double bind of being taught that they are sexually dominant and aggressive, but also that they must fight sinful urges.Couples with differing religious beliefs or levels of commitment may face challenges in their sexual and intimate relationships.Keywordssex, religion, sexuality, religious communities, sex therapy, gender norms, trad wife, evangelical, Mormon, Pentecostal, philosophy, spirituality, grief, leaving a religious community, healthy relationships, religion, sexuality, relationships, abstinence-only education, gender differences, shame, therapy, couples, communicationFind Sexvangelicals here:InstagramFacebookWebsiteSubstackChapters00:00Introduction and Background of Julia and Jeremiah03:08The Intersection of Sex and Religion06:10The Trad Wife Phenomenon and Gender Norms in Religious Communities10:57Challenges of Existing in Religious and Philosophical Spaces23:35Expanding Options for Healthy Relationships and Sexuality29:32The Impact of Religion on Sexuality31:06Gender Differences in Religious Teachings34:06The Double Bind for Men in Purity Culture38:46Challenges in Relationships with Differing Religious Beliefs46:16The Importance of Finding a Therapist Who Understands Religious Backgrounds
  • 302. Why She's a Bitch: Mother Daughter Dynamics

    Have you ever wondered why your mother/daughter is such a bitch? Dr. Debra Mandel, nationally renowned psychologist and author of 4 books including the bestselling "Dump That Chump," joins Bryde and Jeremie for a conversation about Dr. Debra’s latest release, “Sassy & Rude, Her New Attitude: A Tough Love Guide for Moms on How to Bring Back The Sugar and Spice in Their Not-so-Nice Adult Daughters”. This conversation centers on the relationship between adult mothers and adult daughters, and this information is for you if you are either of those or anyone who knows and loves a mother daughter duo. The three talk through personal anecdotes and professional insights on themes of shame, power dynamics, shifts in relationship, independence, boundaries, expectations, body image, and more. Dr. Debra provides insights and advice on fostering healthy communication, addressing conflicts, and supporting each other's growth.Dr. Debra brings over 30 years working clinically with individuals, couples, and families with a range of specialties from relationship and daily life issues to depression, anxiety, eating disorders and addiction, and she speaks on her subject with humour and compassion at the forefront.TakeawaysParent-adult child relationships require open dialogue and understanding.Recognize and address shifts in the relationship to foster healing.Let go of the need to be the authority and embrace a reciprocal relationship.Power dynamics can impact communication and should be navigated with care.Transitioning from a parent-child relationship to an adult-adult relationship can be challenging for both mothers and adult daughters.Setting boundaries and managing expectations are crucial in maintaining a healthy mother-daughter relationship.Mothers should prioritize self-care and pursue their own interests and hobbies to avoid becoming overly dependent on their adult daughters.Keywordsparent-adult child relationships, healing, communication, power dynamics, open dialogue, understanding, mothers, adult daughters, boundaries, expectations, roles, responsibilities, self-care, body image, communication, conflicts, growth, empathy, understandingLinksTwitter: @DrDebraMandelInstagram: @dr.debramandel Facebook: Dr. Debra Mandel, The LOVE Warrior Youtube: @debramandel7083Website: DrDebraOnline.comChapters00:00Introduction and Background of Dr. Deborah Mandel03:05Exploring Different Modalities in Psychology07:51The Effectiveness of Psychological Techniques11:05The Inspiration Behind 'Sassy and Rude'13:53Healing Unresolved Mother-Daughter Relationships21:28Power Dynamics in Parent-Adult Child Relationships27:01Transitioning to an Adult-Adult Relationship33:29Setting Boundaries and Overcoming the 'Too Nice Mom Syndrome'38:55The Empty Nest and Shifting Roles45:17Mother-Daughter Conversations about Sexuality and Empowerment48:48Addressing Dislike for a Daughter's Partner
  • 301. Social Sex Revolution: Sex, AI, and the Future with Cindy Gallop

    It’s time for a revolution in the sheets and the streets, as we sit down with Cindy Gallop, the genius at the forefront of the Social Sex Revolution. Cindy, the visionary behind MakeLoveNotPorn, shares the serendipitous inception of her platform and how it's challenging and reshaping societal norms around sex. But that's just the first layer. Delving deeper, Cindy unravels the complex web of gender bias in AI, advocating for a seismic shift towards inclusivity and safety in tech through the lens of female innovation. Imagine a world where AI not only serves us but enhances our creativity and nurtures ethical, consensual relationships in the digital age—Cindy believes it's not just possible; it's imperative. From the gritty challenges of entrepreneurship to the soaring potential of AI in the arts and sex tech, this conversation is a masterclass in disruption, diversity, and daring to dream.Key TakeawaysMake Love Not Porn has had a significant impact on changing the conversation around sex and challenging societal norms.The platform has played a role in shifting views on sex work and promoting healthy, consensual sexual relationships.Cindy Gallop emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, particularly in AI development.The future of AI depends on funding female founders and incorporating the female lens to create safe and beneficial AI experiences. Gender bias in AI can lead to ineffective and biased outcomes. Safety is a significant concern in AI development. Ensuring AI is designed and implemented safely is essential to prevent potential harm and create a positive impact.Ethical and consensual practices are essential in the world of sex and porn. AI can be used to create positive and empowering experiences, but it should be approached with caution and respect for consent.Investing in companies that align with one's values and beliefs can be a powerful way to support their growth and make a positive impact.Relevant Links:MakeLoveNotPornTheArts.AIMakeLoveNotPorn WeFunderSocials:SubstackInstagramXLinkedin
  • 300. The Mr. Rogers of Sexy: Abby Jensen

    This week we’re passing the vibe check with VibeSlut, AKA Abby Jensen! Abby is the comedic force behind the Rat Girls podcast who joins us to blow the lid off women's health and sexuality. With a blend of humour and hard truths, she takes us on a wild ride through the often hushed world of orgasms, face-sitting tutorials, and the art of taking the perfect nude. It's a beginner's guide to the taboo. From the debate of beard versus stubble in intimate moments to navigating the murky waters of social media censorship, Abbyl doesn't shy away from anything. She even dishes out advice on keeping the flame alive in long-term relationships with a mix of flirting and open conversation about sex. This episode is a candid exploration of the challenges and triumphs in talking openly about sexuality.Key TakeawaysPodcasts provide a platform for candid conversations about women's health and sexuality.Women often lack access to open and honest discussions about topics considered taboo.Comedy can be an effective tool for discussing sensitive subjects and making them more accessible.Practical tips and information about sexual education can empower women to explore their own pleasure and improve their sexual experiences. Stubble can be uncomfortable and unclean during intimate activities, so proper hygiene is important for facial hair owners.When taking nudes, consider lighting and angles to create a flattering and confident image.Censorship and content restrictions on social media platforms can be frustrating for sex educators and content creators.Flirting and open communication about sex can help maintain the spark in long-term relationships.Check out Abby's IGSex Talks: The Five Conversations That Will Transform Your Love LifeRat Girls Podcast
  • 299. Curating Desire: The Play with Michael Hollice

    Enter a realm where play parties become immersive experiences. In this episode, Michael Hollice, founder of The Play, walks the hosts through the creation of something special on the play party scene.Inspired by what he found lacking in his initial forays into the play parties and backed with organizational experience in elevating artistic events, Michael was impassioned to shift the culture. Jeremie and Bryde hear about what to expect between the hours of 8 pm - 4 am at The Play, including special guidelines for socializing, expressive art as foreplay, and the four pillars behind this growing community that guide every event.Key Takeaways:Artful Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in play parties that elevate the experience with artistry and production value, creating a uniquely captivating atmosphere.Curated Connections: The Play’s curated experience involves a meticulous application process, ensuring compatibility and safety for attendees through thorough interviews.Stigma Shakeup: Break the mold with The Play—regular testing and challenging stigmas are vital for fostering a safe, inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable.Global Allure: The Play attracts a diverse global crowd, emphasizing health and safety with mandatory STI testing, interviews, and strict protocols.Convo Over Looks: Conversational connection takes center stage at The Play, shifting the focus from appearances to the ability to engage in meaningful dialogue.The Play - WebsiteThe Play - Instagram