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251 - Lady Sapphira and Bondassage

Season 4, Ep. 251

When the Covid lockdowns started, those who worked in the in-person health and fitness industry took a hit, like so many others. A lovely human in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, took matters into her sensitive and capable hands, an evolution began, and Lady Sapphira emerged. With some coaching and encouragement from friends and professionals, Lady Sapphira trained in the art of bondassage and Elysium, and now offers sensational experiences that are erotic, intentional, and deeply caring. I think you'll be equally as charmed by the sincerity and honesty of this guest, and if you're interested in booking an experience with Lady Sapphira, you can find her at

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  • 297. 297 - Promescent: Revolutionizing Sexual Wellness

    Quick, honey. Grab the lube! This week the hosts explore the transformative world of sexual wellness with another conversation with Jeff Abraham, CEO of Promescent. Jeff takes us through his inspiring journey toward revolutionizing the sexual wellness industry, emphasizing the critical role of medical certification and science-backed products. His narrative delves into the challenges of bringing Promescent to the forefront, highlighting the broader need for comprehensive sexual education and the obstacles encountered in advertising sexual wellness products. Throughout the conversation, Jeff addresses the societal stigmas and restrictions that often hinder the marketing efforts within the sexual wellness space, advocating for the recognition of sex as an essential activity of daily living. Jeff also shares insights into the expansion of Promescent’s product line, focusing on inclusivity and the importance of addressing common sexual health issues, such as premature ejaculation and the pleasure gap. Interested in Promescent?Check out our first conversation with Jeff!Make Love Not PornKey takeaways:Medical certification and evidence-based products are paramount in the sexual wellness industry.Comprehensive sexual education is essential for overcoming common sexual health issues.The advertising and marketing of sexual wellness products face unique challenges due to societal stigma.Recognizing sex as an integral part of daily living is crucial for holistic health.Expansion and inclusivity in product lines are key to addressing diverse needs in sexual health.Chapters: 00:00Introduction to Jeff Abraham and Promescent03:05The Importance of Medical Certification and Science-Based Products05:27Jeff's Journey to Promescent07:20Addressing Premature Ejaculation and the Pleasure Gap12:31Jeff's Understanding of Sexuality and Pleasure16:41The Need for Comprehensive Sexual Education21:30The Frustrations of Advertising Sexual Wellness Products25:17Sex as an Activity of Daily Living32:47Expanding the Product Line of Promescent49:15Continuity and Customer Experience50:08Expanding into Retail and Women's Products52:17Discreet Packaging and Retail Expansion53:40Financial Motives and Sexual Wellness54:34Family Planning and Women's Rights56:01Considering Other Locations57:22Educating Customers and Product Satisfaction59:11Authenticity and Trust in Marketing01:02:38Closing Remarks and Support
  • 296. 296 - Bug Bangin' & New Beginnings

    The Turn Me On family is growing, and Jeremie and Bryde are excited to be introducing a new team member, Anna, who has come on board to bring her incredible support and help us delve deeper into the fascinating world of sexuality research. Anna's arrival marks a new chapter for the podcast, infusing the show with fresh energy and enthusiasm. After some Anna love bombs, the hosts dive into the sex lives of bugs. Digging into insect mating rituals, covering everything from seductive mating calls to the exchange of spermatophores (yum). Bryde and Jeremie explore the peculiar practices of feeding during mating, and even the ultimate sacrifice some insects make for reproduction.Key Takeaways:The addition of Anna to the podcast team has brought new energy and support to the show.The hosts plan to focus more on the research side of sexuality in future episodes.Bug sex is a fascinating topic, with insects using various strategies for mating and reproduction.Valentine's Day controversies, such as naming exes in cat litter boxes, can be seen as toxic and unnecessary.Chapters:00:00Introduction and Announcement03:08The Role of Anna in the Podcast06:56Exploring Bug Sex08:40Mating Calls and Musical Seduction09:31Spermatophore and Feeding During Mating10:19Fatal Attractions and Self-Sacrifice16:52The Pleasure Principle21:26Acknowledging the Listeners and Future Plans22:23Discussion on Valentine's Day Controversies25:59Conclusion and Call to Support the Podcast
  • 295. 295 - Chowing Down On Fertility Science: Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

    Who knew a plateful of nutrition could be your ally in the bedroom and beyond? Dive into the vital connection between nutrition and fertility with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack in this episode of Turn Me On. Celebrating her new book, Real Food for Fertility, Lisa emphasizes the power of diet in preparing for pregnancy and boosting fertility. She explores the importance of tracking the menstrual cycle for natural birth control, conception, and gauging overall health, highlighting the critical role of micronutrients in hormone production and building a healthy foundation for your baby. The conversation also covers navigating the transition off of birth control, the impact on fertility, and delves into sperm and egg quality. Learn about the significance of striving for optimal fertility markers, influenced by factors like age, diet, and lifestyle, and discover practical strategies to enhance fertility. Whether you're planning for pregnancy or are keen on reproductive health, this episode offers invaluable insights and actionable advice for anyone looking to optimize their fertility through real food and lifestyle adjustments.Key Takeaways: - Understanding the menstrual cycle and tracking it can support natural birth control, conception, and overall health.- Nutrition plays a crucial role in fertility, and women should prioritize their macronutrient and micronutrient intake.- Coming off birth control should be planned ahead to allow time for hormone normalization and nutrient replenishment.- Egg quality and quantity decline over time, and it is important to prioritize overall health and nutrition to support fertility.- Sperm quality is a significant factor in fertility, and men should also focus on their nutrition and overall health. The World Health - - Organization guidelines for sperm quality represent a low bar for fertility and do not reflect optimal parameters for conception.- There has been a significant decline in sperm quality over time, with the average man today having lower sperm concentration compared to men in the 1940s.- Factors such as aging, diet, and lifestyle can affect both sperm and egg quality.- Practical strategies to improve sperm and egg quality include incorporating nutrient-rich foods, avoiding heat exposure to the testicles, and addressing lifestyle factors like smoking and excessive exercise.Relevant Links: Real Food For Fertility BookLisa’s Podcast: Fertility Friday RadioTMO Ep. 200 - The Fifth Vital SignEpisode Chapters:00:00 - Introduction and Background02:15 - The Collaboration and Book06:05 - The Role of Nutrition in Fertility17:37 - Preparing for Pregnancy26:47 - Coming Off Birth Control36:08 - Egg Quality and Fertility42:03 - Sperm Quality and Fertility43:55 - Understanding Sperm Parameters and Guidelines46:20 - Optimal Sperm Parameters51:04 - Misconceptions about Sperm Parameters52:33 - The Importance of Sperm in Fertility59:46 - Factors Affecting Sperm and Egg Quality01:03:14 - Heat and Lifestyle Factors Affecting Sperm Quality01:05:21 - Improving Sperm and Egg Quality
  • 294. 294 - Trust, Love, and Hotwifing

    Casey Donatello knows a thing or two about Hotwifing — She guides Jeremie and Bryde through her daring dance of consensual non-monogamy that's all about trust, respect, and, yes, a whole lot of love. From untangling the intricate differences between hotwifing, cuckolding, and stag and vixen play, to navigating the complexities of desires and boundaries, Casey lays it all bare. She doesn't just share the theory; she takes the hosts on her personal journey through the highs and lows, the challenges, and the triumphant moments of embracing her true desires. But it's not just about the thrills; it's a lesson in communication, flexibility, and breaking down the barriers of stigma and judgment. Whether you're curious, skeptical, or somewhere in between, this conversation is a deep dive into the emotional, intimate, and sometimes misunderstood world of non-monogamy.Episode Takeaways: Hotwifing is a form of consensual non-monogamy where a wife is allowed to have sex with other partners with the knowledge and approval of her husband.Different dynamics exist within hotwifing, including cuckolding, stag and vixen relationships, and hot wife couples.Communication, trust, and respect are essential in hotwifing relationships to ensure the emotional well-being of all parties involved.Hotwifing challenges societal norms and requires individuals to be open-minded and accepting of non-traditional relationship dynamics.Before and after the date rituals, as well as aftercare, play a crucial role in maintaining emotional connection and intimacy in hotwifing relationships. Open communication is crucial in non-monogamous relationships.Labels in the lifestyle can be flexible and may not always accurately represent individuals' roles or dynamics.Flexibility and adaptability are important qualities in maintaining healthy relationships. You can find Casey here -
  • 293. 293 - Strength for the Modern Man

    Kristal DeSantis is a Texas Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Clinically Certified Trauma Professional, a Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional, and a State of Texas approved Premarital Education Provider. She is the creator of The STRONG model of Relational Therapy. Jeremie and Bryde chat with Kristal about the work of modern masculinity that she breaks down in her book "Strong: A Relationship Field Guide for the Modern Man". Bryde and Jeremie chat with Krista about her experience growing up in Japan and learning to date in college in the US, the 3 Ps of masculinity that are inhabited by men across cultures and generations, and building strength in the relational gym. You can find more on Krista's work at strong, and follow Krista on socials @atxtherapist
  • 292. 292 - Step into Sophie's Room

    Sophie Rhyder is a 20-year-old Romanian cam model who caters to mainly British and American members of the live-streaming service LiveJasmin. Sophie talks to Bryde and Jeremie about working independently versus working for a studio, the start-up costs of launching a modeling career, the 24-hour reality of working on an international schedule, and playing multiple roles - sometimes with detailed, scripted scenes. You can find Sophie at , or on instagram @sophierhyder.
  • 291. 291 - Sex and the Older Woman

    Catherine Hiller is an award-winning author whose work has been challenging social norms for decades. Her new book, "Cybil Unbound" (2023) is a novel about the sexual adventures of a freethinking and risk-taking older woman. Social history and autobiographical fiction are woven together in a novel that spans decades in the life of a woman who was a child of the 1950s. Jeremie and Bryde chat with Catherine about the cultural shifts in sexual perception over the past 70 decades, and why untraditional romantic needs of middle-aged/ older women are ignored in novels and her sons.Find more about Catherine at and sign up for her Substack, "The Pleasure Principle: Savoring Life After Fifty" at Her Wikipedia page is
  • 290. 290 - Cummins' Courtesans

    Madam Bella Cummins has reigned in the small city of Wells, Nevada, USA for 37 years - the longest-standing Madam in rural Nevada's legal brothels, and is a mentor to women seeking to evolve naturally in the courtesan industry, as well as an advocate for licensed establishments and workers in the industry. Bella's Hacienda Ranch sits in a town of just over 1,200 people that sees thousands of travelers every day at the intersection of Route 93 and Interstate 80 in Nevada. The hosts chat with Bella about how language and labels affect how we perceive professionalism and quality service, the importance of the destination as part of the draw, and how Nevada's legal brothel blueprints could help other small communities prosper from the destigmatization of sex work. Find the ranch at
  • 289. 289 - Sensual Alchemy

    Yuval Mann is a teacher and founder of "Sensual Alchemy School of Integrated Sexuality". He leads programs for individuals and couples that help them become masterful lovers. The hosts chat with Yuval about erotic aliveness, contact dance, and the illusion of separation of the individual. You can find out more about Yuval through his website, and through all social links as Yuval Mann.