Triathlon Mockery

  • 2. Professional Runwalkers

    In This episode Joe and Tom Talk about Tom's 10KM race, Joe's goal for his next 10K race, about the tragic death of Kelvin Kiptum and go in depth about race walkers.
  • 1. Band Got Back Together

    The band got back together! Talking goals for 2024, t100 series and much more in our newest episode.
  • 92. The Triathlon Mockery Awards

    The end of the year, and its time for awards. In this episode Joe and Max talk about certain subjects and reach out awards to certain athletes.
  • 91. Three dogs off the leash

    In This episode the 3 dogs get together for a chat about Tom's new plans, Max Podiums at 70.3 Bahrain and Joe has got into new fights with his neighbours.
  • 90. IRONMAN Cozumel & Hyrox recap

    In this episode Joe and Tom catch up after a long time. They recap IRONMAN Cozumel and Joe's little trip to Hyrox Londen
  • 89. Hyrox & Phuket Triathlon Ft Max Stapley

    The Mozzarella is on a holiday, so Max and Joe talk the week through. Joe is facing a hyrox event this weekend and Max chats about the biggest win in his career.
  • 88. The Bailiff in Norwich

    Hit the link in bio to support our show and get extra episodes and training sessions. In this episode Joe tells Tom about the bailiffs at his house, some trainingsessions in prep for IRONMAN Cozumel and an expensive bullshit buster.
  • 87. Visit to the hospital, Dog Down!

    Joe is not racing IRONMAN Florida and calling it a season due to health reason, Tom Racing Cozumel, The age group advise of the week and much more
  • 86. Runners are Dirty

    In this episode Tom recaps the Sgrail gravel triathlon, joe and Tom Talk about dirty runners, sam laidlow under investigation of the ITA and a classic bullshit buster