Trees A Crowd


Richard Nairn: One man & his 'meitheal' replanting the ancient Wild Woods of Ireland

Season 3, Ep. 10

Richard Nairn is an environmental scientist and naturalist with a lifetime of experience in applied ecology, conservation and learning from the wild world around him. Having recently purchased a piece of ancient native woodland in County Wicklow, Ireland, here Richard shares the lessons these woods have taught him. From the importance of woodland management, to the vitality deriving from a community’s support (or ‘Meithal’ in Gaelic). These woodlands have proved a bottomless source of Wisdom; knowledge otherwise hidden in the secret pollen records of nearby peat bogs. With only 2% of Ancient Native Woodland remaining in Ireland, Richard is preserving this heritage for generations to come. Richard and David discuss the catharsis of woodchopping against Seasonal Affective Disorder, the value of peat, how the Pine Marten is in cahoots with the Red Squirrels against the Greys, and how Ireland has recently seen the return of Woodpeckers, White-tailed Eagles and even the occasional lesser-spotted human who places value upon nature and woodland. For further information on this and other episodes, visit:

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