Trees A Crowd

Ever wondered what happens when you fill a cello with bees? Or how robins have successfully colonised the outer-reaches of our universe? Or why the world is destined to be populated purely by female turtles? This podcast celebrates nature and the stories of those who care deeply for it. Join artist, actor and Woodland Trust & Wildlife Trusts ambassador David Oakes, for a series of informal, relaxed conversations with artists, scientists, creatives and environmentalists as they celebrate the beauty of the natural world and how it inspires us as human beings. All episodes available at:

David Oakes

Actor on the outside, feral animal obsessive on the inside, I grew up in the New Forest and along the Jurassic Coast. I was never happier than when spending my days leaping into bracken, exploring rock pools or pretending to be a mole. Little has changed. While I enjoy my work on screen playing ‘bad boys’ in period dramas, this is really just an elaborate Heath Robinson-esque ploy to ride horses for free. If not found on set when “Action!” is called, chances are I’ll be wandering around the adjacent Capability Brown gardens or quizzing the ever-patient animal handlers.