Travelradio Australia


The Rocks (Sydney), Frozen berries, travel writing tips, Lech (Austria) and Padua (Italy)

Season 2016, Ep. 4

1: Geoff Harrison chats with Gilles from La Pain Quotidien, The Rocks, Sydney. 2: Ren Zwiers interviews Ben Southall about his journey from Singapore to London and his latest trip to Nepal. 3: Graeme Kemlo chats with Ruth Galace of Matilda's Australian Frozen Berries (courtesy Travel Writers Radio and IFWTA). 4: Max Hartshorne outlines the fundamentals of travel writing (courtesy Around the World Radio). 5: Geoff Harrison interviews Hubert Schwarzler of Lech Tourism, Austria. 6: Frances Beasley visits the city of Padua, Italy.

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