Travelradio Australia


Austria, Scottish castle stay, Hollywood dreaming, Seatfrog and Croatia

Season 2016, Ep. 7

1: Geoff Harrison chats with Werner Fritz at the Cheese Hause in Montafon, Austria. 2: Arthur von Wiesenberger and the Around the World Radio team interview Rebecca Brand about her castle-stay in northern Scotland. 3: Travelbites Radio host David Gordon, based in northern Ireland, meets renowned travelwriter/author and broadcaster Cash Peters. Their main topic is Cash's time as a Hollywood (CA) resident. 4: Travel Writers Radio host Graeme Kemlo learns about a start-up website called Seatfrog from its CEO, Ian Griffin. 5: In the final segment the ATW crew returns with guest Max Hartshorne (owner of who has details of his recent trip to Croatia.tle stay, Hollywood dreaming, Seatfrog and Croatia