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The Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck with Dr. Giavanni Washington

Ep. 75

Have you ever felt unseen or unheard? Have you struggled to find images of divinity that reflect your own beauty?

In this episode Dr. Giavanni Washington, the creator of the Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck. is an intuitive healer, mother, speaker, and spiritual guide on a mission to reconnect Black women with their ancestral wisdom and ignite their inner goddess.

But this isn't just any oracle deck. Dr. G. created the Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck because she saw a lack of representation in traditional oracle decks.  Fueled by her own personal experiences and a desire to empower Black women, Dr. G. decided to create a deck featuring real Black women embodying the wisdom of African goddesses.

Are you ready to awaken the goddess within? Listen to the episode now and learn more about Dr. G.'s incredible work.


  • How Dr. G.'s personal experience led her to create the Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck
  • The power of ancestral connection and how to use the deck to access your wisdom
  • Why representation matters and how the deck celebrates black beauty
  • How the Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck can help you find love and happiness



“The world needs to understand that our bodies are sacred, that our bodies, that gods and goddesses can look like black-bodied people.”

"I'm called to the medicine of ancestral restoration. I create healing opportunities to reconnect with the lost histories and ignite hidden ancestral wisdom."

“Colonialism has separated our heads from our hearts. And we privilege, you know, thinking over feeling and we privilege rationality over emotion. And so to sink into those other things, to sink into the body, to sink into emotion, to sink into the image, the visual, I think it’s revolutionary.”


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    Have you ever been love bombed online? You meet this amazing guy, he showers you with compliments, tells you you're his soulmate... and then... asks for money.  This is a dating scam, and it happens to way too many women.I'm Sophia, your travel and transformation host, and I've almost been scammed myself! But here's the thing: good girls are especially susceptible to these scams.  We want to please, we trust easily, and we hate disappointing people.  These are all great qualities, but they can be used against us.So how do you avoid becoming a victim?  Listen to this episode where I'll explain the psychology of dating scams and how to protect yourself.  I'll also share tips on how to identify red flags and build healthy online relationships.Don't let "good girl syndrome" hold you back from finding real love!  Listen to this episode and take charge of your dating life.KEY TAKEAWAYSHow good girl syndrome can make you more susceptible to dating scamsThe red flags to watch out for to avoid falling victimPractical strategies to protect yourself onlineHow to overcome the shame of being targeted and move forwardBEST MOMENTSIf your gut is telling you something, listen, because it's probably right."Some women with good girl syndrome may inherently just trust others and just believe in the good intentions of people. And that's not a bad thing, but it is something that can make you more susceptible to dating scams.""As women get older, they tend to be viewed as invisible. So they latch on to a person who is paying attention to them, who seems to see them. And that's when the manipulation can really take hold.""So one of my boundaries is I don't send money to anybody. That is a boundary for me. So if I haven't met you, even if I have met you, chances are you're not getting my money because I work hard for my money and I'm not just going to give it away to somebody who has loved bombed me, and now they think that they have formed some tight emotional bond with me.""Trust your instincts, because you usually know if you think about it, you usually know when something's not right and you choose to ignore that feeling because maybe you think it's ego or, you know, maybe. Maybe you're being gaslit.""People catfish, people lie. And if this has happened to you, don't be ashamed of yourself. Don't beat yourself up about it. Okay? In fact, report it."CONTACT THE HOSTWebsite | Instagram | @sophia_i_got_igInstagram | @createlifeyourwayFacebook | | Sophia Elcock
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  • 72. How Poetry Can Be Your Guide in your Healing Journey with Ryanna Hammond

    Have you ever gotten lost in a book that mirrored your own journey of healing and growth?In this episode we chats with Ryanna Hammond, All With Heart's founder, who aims to live her life all with heart. Ryanna wasn't always living her best life.  She struggled with mental health issues and felt lost.  But through travel, self-discovery, and writing poetry, she healed herself and found her purpose.  Now, Ryanna uses her writing to empower other women to do the same.Ryanna shares her story and the inspiration behind her six poetry collections, each one a testament to a different phase of her life's journey.  She reads some of her powerful and evocative poems, giving listeners a glimpse into her world and the challenges and triumphs she's faced.Intrigued? Want to learn more about Ryanna's poetry and how it can help you on your own path to healing and transformation?  Then tune in to the entire episode!Here are links to her book bundles:Poetry Book Bundleallwithheart.comAll Book BundleKEY TAKEAWAYSRyanna overcame mental health struggles including eating disorders, depression, and suicidal ideation.She healed herself through therapy, breathwork, meditation, yoga, spending time in nature, and journaling.Ryanna's mission is to help others who are unhappy or stuck to transform their lives by transforming their minds.Her six booksVALUABLE RESOURCESWebsite | allwithheart.comInstagram | @soulledwanderessBEST MOMENTSRyanna from her poem “Chain Reaction”: “The relationship bruised me. The bruising changed me. The change healed me. The healing led me here. Here is happiness. Here is peace. Here is hope. Here is strength.”Ryanna from her poem “Backwards”: “Sits on my lips when I want to say no. I somehow say no when I wish to say yes. The words I’m sorry still out when I’ve done nothing wrong. And I say nothing at all when I want to apologize. When did my words get so backwards?”Ryanna from her poem “One Way on Highway One”: “This girl who used to do everything in spite of me is now the woman who does everything to encourage me.”CONTACT THE HOSTWebsite | Instagram | @sophia_i_got_igInstagram | @createlifeyourwayFacebook | | Sophia Elcock
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    Feeling burnt out and stuck juggling a million things in your business?  Want to be powerfully productive and finally integrate your spirituality into your success? Lauren Grace, a sought-after business and life mentor, medium, and host of the Afterlife podcast, knows exactly how you feel.  She used to be a busy radio broadcaster who also ran her own events business.  She was constantly stressed, overwhelmed, and not getting the results she desired.  But a powerful wake-up call (being laid off) forced her to re-evaluate everything. In this episode, Lauren discusses how to master your mindset for success, integrate spirituality into your business, and achieve self-love while letting go of judgment for true abundance. You'll also discover how to connect with your angels and spirit guides through techniques like meditation, affirmations, and recognizing signs from the universe. Lauren unveils a powerful technique she learned from renowned psychic medium, Kale O'Donnell, for channeling questions and answers through a gold light circle. Don't miss out on Lauren's exclusive offer: a 21-day challenge designed to boost your confidence through daily prompts and exercises. Claim your discount code and embark on a transformative journey of personal growth and spiritual alignment. Listen to this episode and learn Lauren's practical tips for powerful productivity and how to tap into your intuition to create a business that aligns with your soul's purpose. Master Your Mindset Includes:21 daily audio lessonsStep-by-step 21 day action planFull-colour downloadable workbookAccess for 30 daysMaster Your MindsetMaster Your Mindset - 21 Day Challenge - Lauren Grace InspirationsTaraDetails:Investment: $37 USDGet $7 off with coupon code: MASTERVIP7 expires end of the monthMasteryourmindsetsqueeze - Lauren Grace InspirationsMasteryourmindsetsqueeze  - laurengraceinspirations.comFree Offers: FREE OFFERS - Lauren Grace InspirationsNewsletter: Contact - Lauren Grace InspirationsThe Afterlight Podcast on Social @‌theafterlightpodcastTo be a guest, apply here: