Totally Fine with Tiffany Philippou

A podcast about those times when we were not ‘totally fine’

A podcast about those times when we were not ‘totally fine’.Listen as host Tiffany Philippou, author of the best-selling memoir, Totally Fine (And Other Lies I've Told Myself), talks to guests about life-altering experie

Nicola Slawson on being single but wanting children

Season 1, Ep. 5
Nicola is a journalist, writer and public speaker. She’s worked in news at the Guardian and at Huffpost. While at HuffPost, Nicola wrote a personal essay about being the only single one in her friendship group and it went viral. Nicola then went on to create of my favourite newsletters, The Single Supplement, which is about the highs and lows of single life. In this episode, Nicola shares her experience of being single and wanting to be a mother. Nicola's newsletter, The Single Supplement:'s Instagram: and I: Women: Grief: Infertility and mother's day:'s Facebook group: group for people who are solo mums or considering it: Tiffany Philippou's book, Totally Fine (and other lies I've told myself) Amazon anywhere in the world: retailers in the UK: