cover art for The Noakes Odyssey - Part 4

Top Flight Time Machine

The Noakes Odyssey - Part 4

Tiny Mona Lisa, unsolicited messages, AI dorises, some football talk, and Noakes reaches Nelson’s hat. (Rec: 16/8/23)

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  • Suffer To Thrive

    Weeding, nappy time, 2004 Rooney, that missing lad, and the unbreakable confidence of certain men.  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • Bramberry’s Been Out

    Visual audio, reaction to England v Denmark, talking animals, and a mini election section.  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • The Melchester Odyssey - Part 224

    Boys and their dogs, God narrates, Bobby Robson and redheads, Musk and Tate, and Roy’s inquiry. (Rec: 21/9/23)  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • The Roussos Odyssey - Part 2

    European family, different words for stuff, redneck origins, striking doctors, the Queen and Penelope Keith, boxing, and tea addiction. (Rec: 20/9/23)  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • Life Logistics - Dad v Stepdad

    Star Wars groins, bowling shame, wrong-naming debit card disposal, and wasteland yearning. (Rec: 19/9/23)  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • Beating Up Your Dad

    Football positions, Keown’s intelligence levels, the majesty of Rooney, and a golfer with a gun.  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • Tummy Massage

    Snide football kit acquisition, cards and energy and smells, plus a Liam Gallagher gig experience.  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • The Melchester Odyssey - Part 223

    Bobby Robson calls Roy, Italian fingers, Don Howe on Blankety Blank, Roy is unscoutable, and Jimmy gets an agent. (Rec: 14/9/23)  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • The Roussos Odyssey - Part 1

    Dover, flags, a ferret, the 1968 Parisian protests, The Stone Roses, Daubs, mass online derision, and turning down GB News. (Rec: 13/9/23)  Join the Iron Filings Society: