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  • Outcomes of UK General Election and the implications for tech

    This week on Top in Tech, Senior Practice Director Conan D'Arcy and Director Megan Stagman discuss the anticipated impact of the new Labour government on technology policy. They cover the ministerial appointments so far, what we should expect from the King's speech, and the tussle between different departments for ownership of certain briefs.

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  • President Macron's electoral gamble and what it could mean for tech policy

    This week on Top in Tech, Natasha Dixon is joined by Ana Gradinaru to discuss the current state of play in French politics ahead of the final round of legislative elections this Sunday (7 July). They discuss the results of the first round, efforts to quell the rise of the far right, President Macron's legacy and what a new government could mean for the tech sector. 
  • The Hungarian Presidency and EU tech policy

    Next month Hungary will take over the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU under unprecedented circumstances. This week on Top in Tech Ana Gradinaru is joined by Natasha Dixon to discuss the much-anticipated Presidency, considering the country's isolated position in the EU, its priorities and the implications for EU tech policy. 
  • How will a Labour government approach tech policy?

    This week on Top in Tech, with three weeks to go until the UK's General Election, Senior Practice Director Conan D'Arcy is joined by Senior Associate Russell Lamb to discuss the Labour Party's manifesto. They talk about Labour's overall strategy with this manifesto and dive into what tech policies have made it in, those that haven't, and what the key priorities for a potential new government might be. 
  • Tech and the European election results

    This week on Top in Tech, Ana Gradinaru is joined by Jack Keevill to discuss the EU elections resulting in a solid win for the European People's Party (EPP), familiar names in tech policy returning to the European Parliament, what this means for the EU's tech and digital agenda, and more.
  • What does UK tech policy look like amidst a general election?

    This week on Top in Tech Director Megan Stagman is joined by Senior Associate Josh Bates to discuss the impact of last week's general election announcement in the UK on existing tech legislation, pending bills and future commitments. They explore what the next five weeks - and beyond - might look like for digital competition, data policy, online safety, media regulation and more. 
  • Senior Adviser Keith Zhai on the Chinese tech policy after the "crackdown"

    This week on Top in Tech, Conan D'Arcy is joined by Keith Zhai, Senior Adviser at Global Counsel and former senior China correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, to discuss Chinese domestic tech policy, and the motivations and the legacy of the "tech crackdown" by Chinese authorities. They also explore the impact of US-China decoupling, the impact of US policy on China's tech competitiveness and how China might respond.