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Travelling without limits!

Season 7, Ep. 9

Mandy and Kate speak to Julie, author of popular travel blog Have Wheelchair, Will Travel, co-founder of Travel Without Limits and pea mum to 27-year-old Braeden, who lives with cerebral palsy.


Julie is all about supporting accessible, inclusive holidays for people with disabilities and their families, and has developed a strong and knowledgeable readership and resource through her award-winning publications. Julie has a background as a travel consultant and began her travel writing career after winning a trip to Disneyland and finding it manageable and accessible for her son, who uses a wheelchair. She was then inspired to start her blog Have Wheelchair, Will Travel, with the ultimate aim of empowering other pea families to travel. Julie also then started her magazine Travel Without Limits just before the pandemic struck in 2019. The magazine promotes inclusive, diverse, welcoming and fun travel experiences and covers a wide range of travel-related topics.


Peas, join her communities and find all the support and info you need on all things travel!


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·    Mandy went to Pub Choir

·    Both Kate and Mandy acknowledged the power of The Teacher’s Pet podcast in achieving justice for Lyn Dawson.

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Emily talks about Usher Kids Australia, choir and cricket

Season 7, Ep. 19
Mandy and Kate chat to Emily Shepard, co-founder of Usher Kids Australia, mum of peashoot Louis, choir member and cricketer! Emily was inspired to start Usher Kids Australia following her son Louis’s diagnosis with the rare Usher Syndrome, a genetic condition that causes hearing and progressive vision loss, and finding no existing support network at all anywhere in the country. After sharing her story in a local newspaper, Emily met Hollie, a fellow Usher parent, and the two went to the International Symposium on Usher Syndrome in Boston. Determined to make sure that no other parent would feel so alone on receiving the diagnosis, Emily and Holly founded Usher Kids Australia with the aim of providing support, connection and syndrome-specific information.   Usher Kids Australia has now grown to provide a range of support and advocacy services such as after-diagnosis support, community connections, online training, conferences, advocacy and links to other relevant national and international support bodies.  Emily also shares her story about Louis’ diagnosis, choosing schools and the challenges of managing his condition now he’s in his teens. Emily also loves taking time for herself by participating in PopChoir and playing cricket! She even started an All Abilities program at her local club for kids and teens with disabilities. Thanks for sharing your story with us Emily! ·     Visit the Usher Kids Australia website·     Watch Emily and Hollie’s story on SBS’s The Feed·     Watch this Focus On Abilities Film Festival story about Louis·     Check out the All Abilities Cricket program at the Bentleigh Cricket Club·     Find out more about PopChoir·     Buy our book The Invisible Life Of Us ·     Get a signed copy and deck yourself out in some excellent Too Peas merch here!·     Listen to our Spotify playlist – Too Peas: Songs Our Guest Peas Love·     Melbourne forecast for Thursday November 16 – Shower or two, 17 degrees·      Join our Facebook Hangout·      Find us on YouTubeThank you for supporting Too Peas In A Podcast! Don’t forget to rate and review Contact us here:Website: