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Ondine and the miracle of love

Season 8, Ep. 7

Mandy and Kate chat to Ondine Sherman, cofounder and managing director of Voiceless, the animal protection institute, author and Pea mum of identical 16-year-old twin boys with rare genetic disorder MCT8 deficiency. Ondine is our friend Mia Freedman’s cousin and is calling in from her home in Israel.  

Ondine’s boys have severe disabilities as a result of their condition. She chats about the challenges of their birth and diagnoses in Israel, where she was also managing her toddler daughter plus her unwell newborns far from her family's support, while also not speaking the local language of Hebrew. The boys were eventually diagnosed with the very rare disorder after a long search for help and answers that was spearheaded by Ondine’s dedicated dad.  

Ondine reflects on the challenging and often lonely journey of being a twin mum with kids with special needs. The family moved back to Australia for a while to be closer to family, but ended up returning to Israel as it was a better fit overall for the family’s needs.

In the last few years, Ondine’s been able to focus on her life and career again, and has written several books, including her memoir The Miracle of Love, Vegan Living: A simple guide to a cruelty-free, healthy plant-based life and the Animal Allies YA Series Sky, Snow and Star.  She also founded Voiceless with her dad to promote an equitable world where animals can flourish.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Ondine! Find out more about Ondine’s books, life and work on her website 

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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Louise checks and chats about consent, sexuality and wellbeing

Season 8, Ep. 17
Content Warning: This podcast contains discussions of sexual abuse and violence experienced by people with disabilities. Mandy is flying solo this week, chatting to Louise Mapleston, social worker and founder of Check and Chat, a consent, sexuality and wellbeing psychoeducation and counselling service for people with disabilities. Check and Chat provides individual sessions, group training and support for parents and professionals. Louise founded Check and Chat in 2021 to address the high rates of sexual victimisation of people with intellectual disabilities identified in the Disability Royal Commission.  Louise also provides support to people with autism, as they’re also highly likely to be victimised while also engaging in harmful sexual behaviours. Louise shares some confronting stats about the level of risk to our peashoots, which highlights all the more just how critical it is to take a primary prevention approach through consent education and resources.Louise also shares some free resources you can check out, such as Planet Puberty, Murray Mallee Community Legal Service video resources on consent and sexting and Dr Wenn Lawson’s autism-focused resources.  You can also search #consent on TikTok for diverse range of conversations and ideas on consent. To foster her own creativity and self-care, Louise is also part of the feisty, feminist cabaret duo, Pink Flabby Bits!  If you’re a music therapist, get in touch with Louise about writing songs about consent!Thank you so much Louise for helping us talk through a very tough topic with such warmth, positivity and hope. We’re so glad you’re doing this incredibly important work. Get in touch with Louise via the Check and Chat website and Instagram if you’d like some support for yourself or your peashoot. If this episode has raised any concerns related to sexual assault, please contact: 1800 Respect Plus:Listen to our Spotify playlist –Too Peas: Songs Our Guest Peas LoveJoin our Facebook HangoutFind us on YouTubeLeave us a speakpipe Help spread the love for Too Peas by rating and reviewing us!Melbourne forecast for Thursday May 25  - Rain developing, windy, 16  degrees Thank you for supporting Too Peas In A Podcast! We love to hear from you, please contact us here: Website:
Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Pea Excursion to All Things Equal Cafe

Season 8, Ep. 16
Grab yourself a cuppa, pop in your earphones and pretend you’re having brunch with Mandy, Kate, Bianca and Jess at All Things Equal Cafe!  Located on Carlisle Street, Balaclava in Melbourne’s inner south, the cafe provides purposeful employment for people with disabilities in a mainstream work environment. Established in 2021 to meet a need for inclusive employment in the local area, All Things Cafe has been very successful, with staff excelling in their roles, strong community support and a  waitlist of 50 people ready to work. Not a day service or school, cafe employees are paid award wages and provided with training, experience and the confidence to set them up for ongoing employment in the wider workforce. Bianca and Jess are both passionate about accessibility and inclusion, and talk about the meaningful work and training opportunities provided to staff through the cafe, as well as their cooking school, local sporting canteen pop ups and new catering service for events. Sparking a dialogue about disability and employment, and opening up partnership opportunities and networks to help cafe employees take their next steps out into the workforce, are also key to what they do.  Mandy also chats with employee Paul about his experience at All Things Equal, including the things he most enjoys and his plans for the future.  Thank you Bianca, Jess and Paul for hosting our excursion from the outer east and the delicious brunch. Melbourne Peas, head to All Things Equal at 263 - 265 Carlisle St Balaclava next time you need a coffee!  For more information about the cafe, including their menu, work and volunteering opportunities, the cooking school, catering and more, visit the All Things Equal website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram Plus: Listen to our Spotify playlist –Too Peas: Songs Our Guest Peas LoveMelbourne forecast for Thursday 18 May - Showers easing, 14 degrees Join our Facebook HangoutFind us on YouTubeHelp spread the love for Too Peas by rating and reviewing us!Leave us a speakpipe Thank you for supporting Too Peas In A Podcast! We love to hear from you, please contact us here: Website:
Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Claire shares her ‘beautiful world’ as a T21 Pea mum.

Season 8, Ep. 15
Mandy and Kate chat to Claire, Pea mum of Max who lives with T21, or Down Syndrome. Claire shares her story about “being thrust into this beautiful world” of life with Max.  She talks about the trauma of his diagnosis of both T21 and heart defects, and his induced birth a week later, all in the middle of COVID lockdowns. He needed heart surgery at four days of age and spent his first four months in the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Claire reflects on the emotional rollercoaster of this time in her life, when things were scary and challenging and unpredictable. Kate and Mandy remember Claire’s speakpipe that she sent in while she was in hospital, after Claire came across our podcast in the 21 Gifts ‘welcome-to-the-world’ baby suitcase for families with children with T21 - listen to the episode about it here.Claire also spoke about her work with Abbey Solo Foundation, an organisation that supports families facing childhood cancer, in honour of Angel and Warrior, Abbey Solo. Find out more about this work on Facebook and Instagram.  Thank you for sharing your story with us Claire! Plus:Mandy took Molly to AbilityFest and thought it was incredibleMandy and Miss 12 have been laughing to The Odd Man Who Sings About Poop, Puke and Pee on Spotify Melbourne forecast for Thursday May 11  - Mostly sunny, 18  degrees Join our Facebook HangoutFind us on YouTubeHelp spread the love for Too Peas by rating and reviewing us!Thank you for supporting Too Peas In A Podcast! We love to hear from you, please contact us here: Website: