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Too Peas In A Podcast Mandy Hose and Kate Mulholland

Claire shares her ‘beautiful world’ as a T21 Pea mum.

Season 8, Ep. 15

Mandy and Kate chat to Claire, Pea mum of Max who lives with T21, or Down Syndrome. Claire shares her story about “being thrust into this beautiful world” of life with Max.  She talks about the trauma of his diagnosis of both T21 and heart defects, and his induced birth a week later, all in the middle of COVID lockdowns. He needed heart surgery at four days of age and spent his first four months in the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Claire reflects on the emotional rollercoaster of this time in her life, when things were scary and challenging and unpredictable. 

Kate and Mandy remember Claire’s speakpipe that she sent in while she was in hospital, after Claire came across our podcast in the 21 Gifts ‘welcome-to-the-world’ baby suitcase for families with children with T21 - listen to the episode about it here.

Claire also spoke about her work with Abbey Solo Foundation, an organisation that supports families facing childhood cancer, in honour of Angel and Warrior, Abbey Solo. Find out more about this work on Facebook and Instagram.  

Thank you for sharing your story with us Claire! 


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  • 20. Snap Pea 100: Thank you and goodbye Peas!

    Mandy and Kate are here with you on this very last episode of Too Peas In A Podcast! They listen to many of your beautiful speakpipes - thank you so much for sharing what this podcast and community has meant to you in your Pea journey. Mandy and Kate also thank the many people who have been involved from the start, from Kelly who designed the cute logo, to Adam who wrote the beautiful theme song, to the Sound Engineer who listened to every single moment over 5 years and edited every single episode, to Akke who got Mandy onto podcasts and was the original show note writer, Carly and Luke the Merchpea, Briohny and Kat who moderated the Too Peas Hangout so expertly and faithfully, to Kylie who started Good News Fridays in the hangout, to Jordon and Acast for getting right behind Too Peas and making us professional, to everyone who invited Kate and Mandy as guest speakers, Andy and Andrew who created and maintained the Too Peas website, Matthew Hardy our loose Live Guy who organised the live shows and book deal, to Annabel Crabb, Leigh Sales and the Chatters and Mia Freedman for their incredible support and endorsement, to Yasmin who we love and miss, to everyone who helped write the booklets, to all the kids, Milly, Molly, Miss 13, Sound Engineer, Number 1 Daughter, Scholarship and Buzz and Woody, to Annelise (me!) for writing the shownotes, curating the Spotify playlist and putting up with the weather chat, to Shane the paediatrician for being there in the best and worst of times, to Gary Bean for being one of our favourite humans ever, to Jude for sending songs, and Sam from Neighbours Everyday for all the gifts and love. In true Pea fashion to the very end, we forgot to thank all the many special guests we've had on over five years! So, we thank you here, we have been honoured to hear and share your precious stories, along with every single person who submitted such beautiful, honest and funny speak pipes. We thank everyone that we have also probably missed, in true Pea fashion. Peas, you changed the way we view the world. We are so very grateful for you, and we are so proud of you. You matter. And to those who have listened loyally, we thank you from the bottom of our Pea hearts and souls.We love you Peas, keep going. We made this for you. Plus:Find and follow Mandy at Mandy Hose She Knows Stay in touch with Kate through her new podcast Honestly, I'm Lonely Keep buying Too Peas in a Podcast merch - its 25% off!Get around the Tilted Twins merchMelbourne forecast for Sunday 12 May, cloud clearing, 19 degrees.
  • 19. IPW: Phoebe from Zoos Victoria

    Kate and Mandy chat to Phoebe, Education Officer at Werribee Open Range Zoo and Zoos Victoria! Phoebe is a triple Pea - a qualified peacher, a Pea mum of two boys both diagnosed with autism and ADHD, and herself recently diagnosed with autism and ADHD. Phoebe is passionate about her job at the Zoo where she’s been working for the past 16 years. School children from all across Victoria of all ages come to Zoo on excursions to learn about conservation, and Phoebe says that the environment can be particularly suitable and supportive for neurodivergent kids. Kate and Mandy reflect on how much the Zoo has meant to them personally, offering a safe, inclusive and consistent place to bring their peashoots and families over the years. Mandy recalls the Association for Children with Disabilities Dream Day at the Melbourne Zoo, which Phoebe says paved the way for the Zoo to improve inclusion and accessibility, including providing training for Zoo staff about Pea family needs, and installing Changing Places facilities at each of their four Victorian sites. The Zoo also now provides social stories and sensory maps to help prepare kids before they come to the Zoo on excursions.  The Zoo is also very welcoming of adults with disabilities who come to the Zoo for time outdoors in a safe, welcoming and enjoyable environment. Phoebe also says that 10 percent of the Zoo’s staff have disabilities, and they’re improving their accreditation and hiring practices for volunteers with disabilities.  Mandy, Kate and Phoebe also reminisce about the role the Zoo played during COVID lockdowns, where they opened up through digital programs and entertained everyone through the Animals at Home livestreams!Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Phoebe and reminding us all of how much we love our Zoos, and how they’re safe, welcoming and accessible places for our Pea families. Plus:  Listen to our Spotify playlist –Too Peas: Songs Our Guest Peas LoveJoin our Facebook HangoutFind us on YouTubeBuy our book The Invisible Life Of Us!Melbourne forecast for Saturday May 11  - Partly cloudy, 19 degrees
  • 18. IPW 5: Amanda

    Kate and Mandy chat with Amanda, Pea mum of two daughters, a carer for her dad, a teacher of one day and a wonderful carer. Amanda introduces us to her family and youngest daughter Bella who has autism and an intellectual disability. Bella is also our own Molly's BFF. Amanda shares with us about the early years with Bella, her mainstream beginning in school and her move to specialist schooling after the school encouraged the move. Bella has thrived in these schools and is in a core friendship group of 4 friends who have done some amazing and fun things together.Amanda is a woman who loves to study, and was doing her thesis during Melbourne's COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 with her family at home. Experiencing overwhelm, Amanda called Carer Gateway which is Australian federal and state government-funded program that provides emotional and practical services and support for carers. Amanda received practical help from Carer Gateway, and so did her eldest daughter who was also studying her VCE. Amanda now works for them as the Victorian Partnerships Lead and her job is to talk to organisations to build partnerships with Carer Gateway. Amanda absolutely loves this work and sees it as a great privilege to use her lived experience as well as her skills to improve the lives of carers.Thank you Amanda for chatting with us.Plus:  Listen to our Spotify playlist –Too Peas: Songs Our Guest Peas LoveJoin our Facebook HangoutFind us on YouTubeBuy our book The Invisible Life Of Us!Melbourne forecast for Friday May 10  - Showers easing, 18 degrees
  • 17. IPW 4: Alex

    Mandy and Kate chat to Alex, Pea mum of 3 sons and a very interesting person. Alex shares with us about the birth of her son Harry who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome on the same day he became very unwell and was transferred to intensive care at another hospital. During this time in hospital, Harry was also diagnosed with Hischsprungs Disease, which is a condition of the large intestine.Once Harry was stable he came home and Alex began learning about his conditions.Harry had early intervention and eventually went to his local mainstream primary school where he thrived and has continued in mainstream schooling for secondary school too. Harry is a community man and has played many sports for his local clubs, like his brothers and is also an athlete with Special Olympics where he has represented Victoria at the National Games in 2022. Harry was also given the honour of being in a TV ad with Kenny Jacobson in collaboration with Special Olympics and IGA. Harry loved this experience and Alex talks about the notorious Goat Curry. Watch it here. Alex studied disability and has spent her career in the disability sector. Her current role is with the Victorian Electoral Commission and is the democracy ambassador in the education inclusion team. Her team delivers electoral education and information to priority communities including people with disabilities. They run voter education sessions and go to adult services, TAFE's and specialists schools and run incursions catered to the group's needs. They cover who can vote, why voting is important etc and run a mock election. Alex also speaks to families and carers. Alex is passionate about voting as a human right and what better person for the job!Thanks for spending time with us Alex, you taught us a lot!Plus:  Listen to our Spotify playlist –Too Peas: Songs Our Guest Peas LoveJoin our Facebook HangoutFind us on YouTubeBuy our book The Invisible Life Of Us!Leave us a speakpipe Melbourne forecast for Thursday May 9  - Cloudy,  19 degrees
  • 16. IPW 3: Sue and Mia

    Kate and Mandy chat to power pea mum and daughter duo Sue and Mia.  Mia has Okur-Chung neurodevelopmental syndrome (OCNDS) and is a Special Olympics athlete and admin assistant. Pea mum Sue is also a peafessional Maternal and Child Health Nurse. Sue and Mia talk about Mia’s early years, including her diagnosis, early intervention and school. Mia also talks about swimming for Special Olympics, doing triathlons with Inclusive Sports Training and the opportunities she’s had to travel overseas. Mia also recently moved out of home and lives independently with a housemate and with extra support - and is loving it! She’s also working 3 days a week as an admin assistant in a disability organisation. Sue also talks about her experience as a midwife and Maternal and Child Health Nurse, and the opportunity she has to support families and have an impact on the little person in their lives. She also talks about the experience of being a Pea and a peafessional and the extra skills it gives her to support new Pea families. Thank you for sharing your story with us Sue and Mia! Plus:  Listen to our Spotify playlist –Too Peas: Songs Our Guest Peas LoveJoin our Facebook HangoutFind us on YouTubeBuy our book The Invisible Life Of Us!Leave us a speakpipe Help spread the love for Too Peas by rating and reviewing us!Melbourne forecast for Thursday May 8  - Partly cloudy,  18 degrees
  • 15. IPW 2: Kelly

    It's International Pea Week, Day 2 and Mandy and Kate chat to Kelly, ( in their nighties gifted from Kelly ) a mum of 4 and the owner and founder of Comfort on the Spectrum. Kelly introduces us to her family and her son Max who has a diagnosis of Norrie Disease which means Max has been blind from birth. He was also diagnosed autistic at 8 years old. Max spent lots of his younger years learning skills including braille and was in mainstream primary school. This meant a lot of advocacy for Kelly. For secondary schooling, Max attends a specialist school where he is thriving. Kelly began Comfort on the Spectrum in covid lockdown Melbourne, due to Max having a limited amount of clothing that he preferred to wear. Kelly's mum made the prototype and Kelly now has the clothing manufactured overseas to access the bamboo and the unique flat seams, that are unable to to made here in Australia. Kelly is so proud of her products and know that they have changed many a persons life. She is excited by her new design which is a hoodie with a chewy tube attached. You can find Kelly at Please thanks Kelly for chatting with us. Plus:  Listen to our Spotify playlist –Too Peas: Songs Our Guest Peas LoveJoin our Facebook HangoutFind us on YouTubeBuy our book The Invisible Life Of Us!Leave us a speakpipe Help spread the love for Too Peas by rating and reviewing us!Melbourne forecast for Tuesday May 7 - Partly cloudy, 17 degrees
  • 14. IPW 1: Chloe

    For Day 1 of International Pea Week, Mandy and Kate chat with Chloe - the self-described all-rounder and big heavy metal fan!  Chloe is the proud sister of a brother with autism, she’s also a disability support worker and a volunteer with the Melbourne West Special Olympics team.  Chloe’s life mission is to pay it forward and make the world a better place!Mandy met Chloe while she was volunteering as Team Support at the 2022 Special Olympic National Games and became a fan of her big heart, commitment and enthusiasm in supporting the athletes night and day. Chloe chats a bit about her childhood growing up with her brother, how much she enjoys the flexibility of support work and the opportunities she’s had to coach, volunteer and travel to Europe through the Special Olympics. Chloe encourages anyone under age 30 to consider a career in support work, as every day is different, you’re out in the community rather than stuck behind a screen and you come home knowing that you’re the reason for making someone else’s day. Thanks for chatting with us Chloe! Plus:  Listen to our Spotify playlist –Too Peas: Songs Our Guest Peas LoveJoin our Facebook HangoutFind us on YouTubeBuy our book The Invisible Life Of Us!Leave us a speakpipe Help spread the love for Too Peas by rating and reviewing us!Melbourne forecast for Monday May 6  - Cloud clearing, 19 degrees 
  • Snap Pea 93, 94 or 95

    One of our last snap peas ... we love to hear your beautiful speak ("speed") pipes. Thank you for sending them peas.
  • 13. Trish talks about life as a triple pea mum

    Kate and Mandy chat to Trish, pea mum of three children diagnosed with autism and ADHD, with her oldest child also diagnosed with a pathological demand avoidance (PDA) profile. Trish talks about the journey of diagnosis, which began when her eldest peashoot was in high school and just as COVID was beginning. This then sparked her own journey towards an adult diagnoses of ADHD, and the game-changing experience of taking medication for the first time.Trish also chats about parenting her peashoots along with continuing her rewarding career as a paediatric retrieval nurse. In her role, Trish travels across South Australia to collect sick kids from regional hospitals to transfer them to receive higher levels of care. Trish shares all about the highs and lows and precious moments with her peashoots, and shares some wisdom she’s learned along the way.  Thank you for sharing your story with us Trish! Plus:  Listen to our Spotify playlist –Too Peas: Songs Our Guest Peas LoveJoin our Facebook HangoutFind us on YouTubeBuy our book The Invisible Life Of Us!Leave us a speakpipe Help spread the love for Too Peas by rating and reviewing us!Melbourne forecast for Thursday May 2  - Partly cloudy,  17 degrees