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  • #32 Hello! You have impeccable taste in flooring

    Holly and Kate discuss sex robots, hardwood floors and Holly learns a new fact. Remember to subscribe, rate and review! Tell your most valued friends about us and follow us on twitter @toku_podcast
  • #31 Hello! Your voice is lyrical and charming

    Holly and Kate discuss the best words for genitals, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and attempt to perfect their accents. Remember to subscribe, rate and review. Also, tell your friends about us, spread the love.
  • #30 Hello! I like looking at your face

    Holly and Kate discuss being queens of Canada and Kate attempts to make Holly fall in love with her through a series of intense questions. Remember to subscribe, rate and review! Tell your friends about us because we love you x
  • #29 Hello! You smell like freshly baked cake

    Holly and Kate discuss Kate's bizarrely magical teenage years, awkward romance and read some truly filthy fan fiction. Remember to subscribe and give us a lovely review xx
  • #28 Hello! You are very considerate on public transport

    Kate is back from a month in Sweden and discovers Holly is her imaginary friend. They then discuss cuddle parties, roosters and Metro the Musical makes its triumphant return! Remember to leave us a review and tell your best friends about us. X
  • #27 Hello! You look like an upstanding citizen

    Holly and Kate discuss the underground train system of the North East of England, best earl grey and board games. Remember to like and subscribe! And if you are really amazing, leave us a nice review.