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The Lonegun

Season 2023, Ep. 154

Introducing The Lonegun, hailing from the vibrant city of El Paso in the great state of Texas! Broadcasting live and direct, he brings a unique energy and perspective to the world of hip-hop. With a distinct style and captivating lyrics, The Lonegun is set to make his mark in the annals of hip-hop history.

The Lonegun isn't just a name; it's a metaphor for his independent spirit, his unwavering self-determination, and his resolute individuality. In a world where conformity often takes centre stage, The Lonegun stands tall, firmly rooted in his convictions, and never afraid to speak his truth.

This rising star's infectious music resonates with catchy lyrics that delve deep into his personal journey. Each track showcases his unwavering dedication to authenticity and raw storytelling. With every beat, he paints vivid pictures of his experiences, creating a powerful connection with his listeners.

Born and raised in El Paso, The Lonegun draws inspiration from the vibrant music scene and rich cultural heritage of his city. This background infuses his music with a dynamic blend of sounds, combining the soulful essence of Texas with the raw energy of hip-hop.

As an artist, The Lonegun is on a path to greatness, driven by a relentless passion for his craft. His unwavering dedication to his music and his unwavering belief in his own abilities propel him forward, pushing boundaries and defying expectations. With each verse, he showcases his versatility and skill, proving that he's a force to be reckoned with.

The Lonegun is more than just an aspiring hip-hop artist; he's a testament to the power of individuality and staying true to oneself. His unwavering resolve to be his own man, to have his own mind, and to stand firm on his own ten toes, sets him apart from the crowd.

So, get ready to witness The Lonegun's ascent to greatness as he leaves an indelible mark on the world of hip-hop. With his catchy lyrics, distinctive style, and unwavering determination, this Texas-bred artist is ready to take the music industry by storm. Keep your ears open because The Lonegun is here, and he's about to rewrite the rules of hip-hop history.

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  • 283. Vincent J Tomeo

    Vincent J. Tomeo is an accomplished poet and essayist whose works have graced the pages of prestigious publications such as The New York Times, Evening Street Review, Comstock Review, Mid-America Poetry Review, Edgz, Spires, Tiger's Eye, By Line, Mudfish, The Blind Man's Rainbow, The Neo-Victorian/Cochlea, The Latin Staff Review, and Grandmother Earth (Volumes VII through XI), among many others. With an impressive tally of 1,064 published poems and essays to his name, Tomeo's literary prowess shines through.Awards have followed Tomeo's literary journey, with an impressive collection of 108 accolades attesting to his exceptional talent and dedication to the craft. His words have resonated with audiences across the nation, having delivered 149 public readings, captivating listeners with his evocative verses.In addition to his prolific contributions to the world of poetry, Tomeo is the esteemed author of "My Cemetery Friends: A Garden of Encounters at Mount Saint Mary in Queens, New York," a work that artfully weaves together encounters and reflections in a unique setting. Furthermore, his witty and insightful chapbook, "The Usefulness of Hippopotamus: A Humorous Chapbook for Trying Times," showcases his versatility and ability to infuse humour into the most trying of circumstances.Tomeo's literary legacy stands as a testament to his remarkable ability to paint vivid tapestries of emotion and thought through the written word, leaving an indelible mark on the world of contemporary poetry and essays.
  • 282. Bobby Seagull

    In a world where the allure of instant gratification beckons with every click, Bobby Seagull emerges as a beacon of rationality amidst the frenzy of impulsive purchases. Armed with the powerful tools of mathematics, Bobby has unveiled a revelation that could revolutionize the way we approach spending.After crunching the numbers with his mathematical acumen, Bobby prescribes a sage piece of advice: wait. A precise 2 days and 21 hours, to be exact. This, he asserts, is the golden interval to deliberate before indulging in a purchase.Bobby's insights stem from a comprehensive study, shedding light on the spending habits of the modern consumer. Astonishingly, the average UK adult succumbs to the siren call of seven impulse purchases annually, tallying an eye-watering £1,050. Among the demographic, Generation Z emerges as the most susceptible, averaging a staggering 14 impulsive acquisitions, equivalent to £2,100.As a nation, we harbor a penchant for regret over certain acquisitions. Bikes top the list, with 19% expressing remorse, closely followed by games consoles and gadgets (17%), and clothes (16%). Surprisingly, experiences such as holidays and getaways (6%) and practical household appliances like freezers (13%) and fridges (11%) elicit significantly lower buyer's remorse.Intriguingly, Bobby's mathematical alchemy reveals a fascinating twist. While household items may not dazzle with immediate allure, they emerge as stalwart champions of cost-efficiency. Among them, hoovers emerge as the unassuming heroes, boasting the lowest average cost per use, trailed closely by freezers and fridges.Delving into the motivations that drive impulsive spending, the findings are enlightening. Half of the respondents cite the sheer joy of self-indulgence, while nearly a third (31%) confess to seeking solace in an impulse buy, using it as a balm for emotional well-being.Bobby Seagull, with his profound understanding of numbers, stands as a guardian of prudent spending, a beacon guiding us through the labyrinth of impulse purchases. In a world racing towards instant gratification, Bobby's wisdom beckons us to pause, reflect, and make purchases not only with our hearts, but with our minds.
  • 281. Sandor Poppinga

    Sandor Poppinga is a distinguished environmental activist and filmmaker on a mission to inspire change through the power of storytelling. With an unwavering commitment to our planet, Sandor has embarked on a groundbreaking venture, launching a crowdfunding campaign to support the creation of captivating short videos centred around Gaia, the embodiment of Mother Nature.After weeks of tireless dedication, Sandor and his dedicated team poured their hearts and resources into producing the pilot episode for the Gaia short video campaign. This inaugural effort not only garnered widespread attention within the environmental awareness community but also earned the prestigious Gold Award at the esteemed "Deauville Green Festival," affirming its exceptional potential.Drawing upon decades of experience as a documentary filmmaker, Sandor seamlessly blends his extensive expertise with cutting-edge technology and distribution platforms to effect positive change on a global scale. He firmly believes that film, with its visual, digital, and graphic capabilities, stands as one of the most potent tools for disseminating critical messages about the adverse impacts of climate change.Recognizing the ubiquity of mobile phones and internet access worldwide, Sandor views short videos as an unparalleled means to educate and empower audiences to make environmentally conscious lifestyle choices. However, to continue this vital work, Sandor turns to the public, seeking their support through crowdfunding. By extending this invitation, he ensures that everyone who shares his passion for the planet has the opportunity to contribute to this transformative project.Through the Gaia environmental awareness video series, Sandor is poised to deliver tangible and meansurable results in educating people about climate change. His vision transcends the screen, beckoning all who hold a deep reverence for our planet's future to join him in this collective endeavour. Together, they aim to forge a path towards a more sustainable and harmonious world. Join Sandor Poppinga on this journey, and be a part of the movement to change our planet for the better.
  • 280. Pete Trainor

    Pete Trainor is a seasoned music enthusiast with an uncanny ability to transport readers through time and space into the heart of the 1990s progressive rock scene. His book, "Calling The Dreamers," serves as a captivating biography and an exclusive scrapbook of electrifying moments that defined the era.With an infectious love for music, Trainor unveils the saga of Electrasy, a British rock band that emerged as a disruptive force within the Britpop movement. Through a tapestry of interviews, first-hand accounts, and striking photographs, Trainor brings to life the meteoric rise of this trailblazing group from the quaint landscapes of Pembrokeshire, Somerset, and Dorset to global stardom.Readers are treated to a rollercoaster ride of outrageous tour escapades and serendipitous encounters with music royalty, leaving them in a state of perpetual astonishment. As the narrative unfolds, Trainor masterfully weaves in the seismic shifts occurring in the music industry during the dawn of the digital music era. With Napster's disruptive force shaking the foundations of record labels, Electrasy, much like many others, found themselves unwitting casualties in this tumultuous period of transformation."Calling The Dreamers" is more than a music biography; it's a testament to the power of revolution. Trainor invites readers to witness the birth of a new musical epoch, where the very essence of fandom was redefined and fans turned from supporters to digital pirates. As the industry giants stumbled, Trainor immerses us in a narrative that raises questions, sparks curiosity, and forever alters our perception of music and its industry.The book stands as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by bands in the modern music landscape, shedding light on the arduous journey artists undertake in their pursuit of a livelihood. Trainor's vivid storytelling and keen insights make this book an essential read for any music lover, underscoring the importance of supporting live music and the artists who create it.With "Calling The Dreamers," Pete Trainor invites you to buckle up, crank up the volume, and embark on a riotous journey that promises to leave you not only entertained and enlightened but forever changed. It's a celebration of Electrasy: the rock and roll band, the revolutionaries, the renegades, and their devoted fans. Through piracy, authenticity, and the upheaval of the music industry, Trainor invites us to explore a journey that spans not only time and space but also the very essence of musical expression.
  • 279. Daniel Moore

    Daniel Moore is the current President of World Missionary Evangelism (WME), an interdenominational Christian missionary agency headquartered in Texas, United States. Established in 1958, WME has been a beacon of hope, providing child sponsorship, constructing homes and schools, establishing churches, and offering disaster relief across the globe.The roots of WME trace back to the visionary work of Dr. John E. Douglas, a passionate advocate for Christian missions hailing from West Virginia. From his early years, Dr. Douglas demonstrated a deep devotion to his faith, going to great lengths to kindle spiritual fires within communities. He spread the Gospel far and wide, nurturing Orthodox Christians in their understanding of scripture and fostering their connection to the Church of Jesus Christ. Dr. Douglas firmly believed in the potential of these men and women to embark on missions across America.Upon his arrival in the United States, Dr. Douglas engaged with a wide spectrum of influential figures, including friends, business leaders, philanthropists, senators, and congressional representatives. He shared his vision and implored them to support his mission, laying the foundation for what would become World Missionary Evangelism.
  • 278. Hristina Bloomfield

    Hristina Bloomfield is a talented author renowned for her gripping crime fiction and compelling storytelling. With her book "Deeply In The Soul," she takes readers on a thrilling journey through the life of Xena, a courageous protagonist whose resilience and determination inspire both empathy and admiration.In "Deeply In The Soul," Xena's world is turned upside down when she discovers that her boyfriend has betrayed her by selling her. Forced to confront a harsh reality, she finds herself indebted to a ruthless moneylender who sees her as nothing more than a commodity. Refusing to be confined by her circumstances, Xena musters the strength to escape her captor and embark on a desperate journey to rebuild her shattered life.From her small mountain town in Eastern Europe to the picturesque shores of Cornwall, UK, Xena's path is fraught with challenges and constant turmoil. Every time she manages to find solace and a glimpse of a normal life, her haunting past catches up with her, forcing her to flee once again. Hristina Bloomfield skillfully portrays Xena's struggle to find her place in a world that seems determined to keep her trapped in a cycle of despair.Amidst the heart-pounding action and suspense, "Deeply In The Soul" delves into profound themes of trauma, grief, romance, and friendship. Xena's story is a testament to the indomitable human spirit, offering readers an uplifting and inspiring narrative that transcends the boundaries of the crime fiction genre. Through her resilience and the connections she forges along the way, Xena not only finds the strength to confront her past but also learns to trust again, guided by the support of Agent Dobrevski, who helps her navigate the treacherous path towards healing.Hristina Bloomfield's "Deeply In The Soul" captures the essence of human endurance and the power of overcoming adversity. With her masterful storytelling, she weaves together a tale that engages readers on multiple levels, from the gripping suspense to the profound exploration of the human condition. Prepare to be enthralled and inspired by this tragic yet inspirational journey as Xena strives to reclaim her life and discover the true depths of her own soul.
  • 277. Peter James

    Peter James is a distinguished UK No. 1 bestselling author, renowned for his gripping crime and thriller novels. He is most celebrated as the creator of the beloved fictional character Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. With an impressive track record of 19 Sunday Times No. 1 bestsellers, Peter has garnered a global readership, amassing over 21 million copies in book sales to date, and his works have been translated into 38 languages.Stop Them Dead, the latest riveting addition to the Roy Grace series is slated for release this September. This compelling tale unravels when a young farmer confronts intruders in the dead of night, unwittingly setting off a chain of events that culminate in his tragic demise. What makes this crime even more sinister is the shocking motive that drove the perpetrators to kill. As Detective Superintendent Roy Grace delves into the investigation, he quickly realizes that this is not an isolated incident, but rather the crest of a nationwide crime wave. Organized gangs, driven by insatiable greed, are raking in illicit profits from the illegal trade in dogs, surpassing even the gains from narcotics. In a race against time, Grace finds himself locked in a deadly battle against ruthless adversaries who will stop at nothing to protect their interests.In Stop Them Dead, Peter James not only weaves a fast-paced thriller but also exposes a profoundly dark underbelly of the dog trade. His narrative pulls back the curtain on the sinister machinations that fuel this illicit industry, shedding light on the chilling reality behind the seemingly innocuous world of pet ownership.Peter's literary prowess is evident in his meticulous attention to detail and his adeptness at creating multidimensional characters. His detective, Roy Grace, embodies the quintessential traits required of the ultimate fictional detective: keen observational skills (25%), unwavering attention to detail (24%), exceptional problem-solving ability (23%), intelligence (23%), a razor-sharp memory (17%), and a healthy dose of patience (13%). These qualities converge to form a compelling and relatable protagonist, guiding readers through the intricate web of mysteries Peter James expertly spins.Intriguingly, Peter James draws inspiration from the world around him, much like his readers who find their heroes in their parents and their femme fatale in their closest confidants. For Peter, the genesis of his villains can be traced to experiences with ex-partners, while the impetus for his heroes often stems from reflections on the relationships he shares with his parents.As the release of Stop Them Dead approaches, Peter James is available to share insights on what distinguishes an exceptional fictional detective and the wellspring from which he draws inspiration for the indelible characters that populate his bestselling novels.ITV's immensely popular adaptation of Peter James' Roy Grace novels continues to captivate television audiences, immersing them in the world of Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. Filmed against the vibrant backdrop of Brighton, the series stars John Simm as Roy Grace and Richie Campbell as DS Glenn Branson. With the renewal of the series for a fourth season slated for 2024, fans can eagerly anticipate more thrilling episodes. The first three series are available for streaming on ITVX and Britbox.
  • 276. Anthony Casuccio

    Anthony Casuccio returns to the music scene with a fresh offering that promises to captivate audiences anew. His latest creation, Systematic, is a five-song odyssey that builds upon the foundation laid by his previous EP, Emotional Lockdown. This sophomore release marks a deliberate departure from his guitar-centric rock origins, showcasing a bold evolution in his sound.In Systematic, Anthony crafts a musical landscape characterized by irresistibly catchy melodies and meticulously crafted EDM-infused pop compositions. Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as The National, Martin Garrix, and Gryffin, he unveils a musical identity that marries his enduring passion for the guitar with a contemporary sonic palette. His guitar solos, more compelling than ever, serve as an anchor for devoted fans while inviting new listeners into his sonic universe. The album's inaugural single, Lighthouse, radiates love and positivity, setting the tone for the journey that follows.Life's relentless pace finds its reflection in the five tracks that comprise Systematic. Anthony's artistry becomes a mirror through which love, loss, and opportunity are explored, offering listeners a chance to connect with the universal human experience.This musical venture was born and nurtured within Anthony's personal sanctuary, his own studio, where he orchestrates his mixing and mastering endeavours under the banner of Xtream Audio. With a distinguished career spanning a quarter-century, Anthony's prowess in audio production has earned him acclaim, with three Grammy nominations, gold record accolades, and placements in a diverse array of television shows and commercials. His production wizardry has propelled numerous compositions to the zenith of Billboard's Dance charts. Anthony's mastery extends to the remastering realm, where he's entrusted with revitalizing the works of legends such as Johnny Cash, Tony Bennett, and Roy Orbison.As the guiding force behind his band, A&L, Anthony has steered them to great heights, achieving chart-topping success worldwide. Notching an impressive nine top 20 hits with the band and three solo tracks scaling various U.K. indie music charts, their music resonates in over 70 countries across Europe and the United States. His solo endeavours have borne fruit, with three songs breaking into the top 20 in the UK, including the soaring success of Love is the Answer, which peaked at an impressive #8 on the UK Independent charts.With Systematic, Anthony Casuccio invites listeners on a musical journey that transcends genres, a testament to his boundless creativity and enduring dedication to his craft. This latest release promises to be a milestone in an already illustrious career, setting the stage for a future filled with innovative, genre-defying musical expressions.
  • 275. Andre Sanders

    Andre Sanders is a seasoned author hailing from the haunting landscapes of Southwest Virginia. With a penchant for delving into the darkest corners of human existence, Andre has crafted a chilling repertoire of horror novels, including the bone-chilling tales of "CRIMSON GREETINGS," "TAKER," "WHILE DEMONS KISS," and the hauntingly evocative "I LOVE YOU NO LESS." His mastery over the genre led to the adaptation of his novel "TAKER" into a screenplay, a testament to his storytelling prowess.In a daring shift of creative currents, Andre embarked on a new literary journey, transitioning from extreme horror to exploring the realms of erotica and romantic thrillers. This transition birthed a newfound depth and diversity in his storytelling, demonstrating his ability to traverse the spectrum of human emotions.Andre's latest work, "Objection," unravels a tale of twisted family ties and the unexpected blossoming of love amidst the shadows of deception and danger. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, the narrative follows Shei Rivera, a courageous single mother drawn into a perilous plan orchestrated by her father, the enigmatic criminal defence prosecutor Liam Rivera. Her journey takes an unforeseen turn as she navigates the morally treacherous waters of abduction, deceit, and a chilling ultimatum to commit the unforgivable act of homicide.Thrown into a secluded cabin, Shei finds herself face-to-face with Casper Floyd, the man her father once helped convict. What transpires is a revelation that defies expectations; Casper is not the malevolent figure he was painted to be. Instead, he emerges as a beacon of kindness and a steadfast protector. Together, they unearth dark family secrets, unveiling a web of greed and betrayal that threatens their very existence.As the tale unfurls, the question looms: who seeks their demise, and for what nefarious purpose? In a desperate bid for survival, Shei and Casper must navigate a perilous path, braving dangers that lurk in the shadows. Through the crucible of adversity, love emerges as an unexpected force, challenging the boundaries of human connection in the face of devastation."Objection" stands as a testament to Andre Sanders' ability to craft narratives that grip the reader's heart and mind, weaving a tapestry of emotions, suspense, and unanticipated tenderness. With each page, Sanders invites us into a world where love and darkness collide, leaving an indelible mark on the reader's soul.